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Sep 26, 2008 06:20 AM

Sunday Brunch in St Louis

Does anyone know of a nice brunch in St Louis? Would prefer something other than the routine brunch that you find at some of the large hotels. Would like something smaller and with a fun atmosphere. Celebrating my birthday!

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  1. Pucks, at the St. Louis Art Museum, might be a choice. They used to serve a large array of dishes.

    1. The one you see mentioned most often on this board is Nadoz at the Coronado hotel in midtown.

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        I am from out of town, but I second the Nadoz brunch every time I see it mentioned and suggest it when it's not. Great desserts, interesting entree and side choices. Quite reasonable for the quality ($22-23 I think).

      2. Cryano's in Webster Groves is great! They recently started serving brunch on Sundays.

        1. Eau at the Chase Park Plaza hotel is really good. Omlettes made in front of you, breakfast pastries, seafood bar, lunch options, and beautiful desserts. Bloody marys and mimosas included in price. Not cheap-last time I was there it was $40, I think, but the endless mimosa really makes it worth it!

          1. I've been hearing some good things of late about 3 Monkey's brunch. Fun atmosphere, reasonable, and pretty decent food.