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Sep 26, 2008 05:57 AM

Best Bagels in the Boroughs?

I know there's a great debate on these boards about what makes a good bagel. Some like them big, others small. Some Hounds like them doughy, others don't. So, at the risk of incurring the wrath of the bagelphiles here, I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest that the best bagels in the outer boroughs can be found in Bensonhurst. I stumbled upon an unassuming bagel place just east of Bay Parkway on 86th Street that has some of the best bagels I've had in recent years. The bagels have a chewy/crispy crust, with a chewy/slightly-doughy interior. They're not too big with the right density and they taste great. They look like they're hand-rolled and boiled on premises, though I didn't confirm any of that.

I've only had the bagels from this place twice. The first time I was shocked, so went back a second time to confirm that they are the real deal. Unfortunately, I can't remember the name of the place, or if it even has one. It's just west of 86 Wong, the Chinese noodle shop on 86th Street (which is how I found the bagel shop, and is, incidentally, very mediocre). If anyone knows the name of the bagel shop, please let others know, since it will be easier to locate.

I'm curious if any of the Chowhounds who are more familiar with this neighborhood have eaten at this place. Are their bagels an anomaly or is Bensonhurst the last, great bastion for bagels in this city?

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  1. I've posted this many a times through the years:
    There's Utopia Bagel (19th Ave/Utopia Pkwy) and there's everybody else.

    1. I'll definately have to try the place you mentioned. My favorite in the area for the longest time is Dale Bagels on 18th ave and 62nd (conveniently right across from World Tong). I especially love the bagel sticks from Dale.

      Sorely missed is Metro Bagel on Ave U. They were not as good as Dale's but walking distance for me. Now I have to get into a car for a weekend bagel fix :(

      1. Bagel Bazaar, 2208 86th St.

        It's in CH Places (um, Restaurants & Bars), but clicking "Link to a place" (why not "Link to a restaurant & bar"?) just gives me a non-enterable gray box.

        They're better than anything else in the nabe, and I prefer them to the big-name places in Manhattan. Late in the day or during a mid-afternoon lull, you might get one that's not perfectly fresh, but yes, they're the real crusty, chewy thing.