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Sep 26, 2008 05:11 AM

Bistro Bourdeau, Auburn Hills MI: opinions?

I found one reference on the board to this restaurant but wanted to know if anyone else has tried this place. The menu looks good, and as it's close to work I wondered if it's a worthy alternative to the festival of chains on Squirrel that my colleagues tend to gravitate to.

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  1. It may have been me that provided the last reference, but I'll go again. If your choice is all of the chains on Squirrel or Bistro, I would go for Bistro. There really isn't anything "over-the-top", but they have a varied menu from sandwiches to steak with blue cheese topping or even friend perch. It's the kind of place that my husband and I go to when we're looking for a nice meal out, don't want to drive too far and can get a cocktail. The waitstaff is helpful and friendly. Give it a try it will certainly be better than Macaroni Grill or Mongolian BBQ. Let me know what you think.

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      There's something to be said for places like this...places that fly in the face of the chains and yet survive. While I haven't personally been there, some friends of mine have and have recommended it to me. They're friends that I trust about food, rather than just people who eat because they have to.

      It may not be the highest-awarded place at anything, but if they're still standing after all this time right in the line of those chain places, they must be doing an awful lot right.

    2. My husband's company had a work dinner there last December. Nothing over the top in uniqueness, say, but nice quality and tasty. Made even better by the fact that it was on the company's tab, so I can't speak for the value. :-) I like my food a bit more inventive but it was probably the best group dinner I've had. (Heads above the hotel banquet meals with underdone plain steamed veggies and boring chicken, etc). I consider it a hidden gem for up here in the northern suburbs.


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        I finallly got the opportunity to eat there yesterday (lunch). I would give it two and a half stars. The setting/ambience is attractive and the service was very good. The food was a touch better than OK. I had a cup of soup, as I think that's a good test of a restaurant, and it was kind of generic. My Maurice salad (iceberg, but that's OK for a Maurice!) was very nice.

        Everyone in the group I was with was happy enough that we will go back again instead of lunching at the Squirrel Road chains.