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Sep 26, 2008 04:48 AM

Cheaper Green Tomatoes

I went to the farmer's market in Quincy last week looking to buy some green tomatoes to pickle.
One stand had baskets of them next to their red tomatoes. I wanted to buy around 20 lbs and asked how much they were are pound. "same as the red ones, $3.00 a pound" the woman replied.
I was shocked at that price.
Should I have been, have I been out of touch?
Does anyone know where I might buy some green tomatoes a little cheaper than that?

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  1. I buy bulk tomatoes from 'the farmstand' , for making sauce, they always discount for quantity, the green one are usually about half price. So much for 'farmers markets', a real rip.

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      I just got back from Copley's Market.
      Great prices compared to the market in Quincy. I was in here about 3 weeks ago and bought stuff from Dick's and found the prices and quality very good. I don't know why I even tried Quincy.
      I asked about green tomatoes and was told they would have them Tuesday, AND only a $1 a pound.

    2. I would try calling Kimball Fruit Farm. They offer bulk pricing and I know that their red tomatoes are $30 for 25 pounds, plus you can pick them up at the farmers market of your choice.

      1. I'm thinking of going to Haymarket for tomotoes tomorrow and I expect they will be $1/lb, I got $10 lbs at the Brookline farmers market 2 weeks ago for $2/lb.

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          They were as little as 3lb/$1 but I didn't see any green ones.