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Sep 26, 2008 01:22 AM

Scotch Pies in London

Anyone know of a central London stockist of decent Scotch Pies please? I mean the little round mutton (?) ones with the slightly raised rim to the crust, meant for re-heating. Not seen them in Tesburys for a few years now.


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  1. is that what they are called? there are some fab pies in Fortnum and Maison. Venison, etc etc - you can either get small round one or a slice of a big one - no cheap but was excellent last time i tried.

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      I have been in London for 20 years and have rarely found a proper scotch pie - ocassionally our Sainsburys has them but I've not looked for a while so not sure if they still do.

      When missing Macaroni Pies got all too much for me last year (I'd not been home in a while ) I did an order from here and I highly recommend them - they delievered promptly and the macaroni pies and stovies were fab! The stovies were nearly as good as my mums!

      BTW there is a butcher near Euston that sells bridies (frozen) - he may do pies also but I only popped in there once for a couple of bridies for my husband!

      Good luck

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        where in euston? haven't had a good bridie since I were a kid...

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          Its in Eversholt Street - the one that runs down the side of Euston Station towards Camden! Its the only butchers on the road anyways - walk up towards camden and its on the right hand side of the road. I can't remember the name so googled it and I think its Franks, 188 Eversholt St.

          Good luck - hope you find it and get a bridie!

          Now if only I could find somewhere that stocks Scottish plain bread - Tescos used to but no more :(

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            Just an update on Plain Bread, incase any fellow Scots living in London are missing it - they have started re-stocking it in Tesco Surrey Quays!!! I bought a few today just incase it was a one off - my freezer is full :)

    2. Thank you all.

      I don't know if I'll be rushing to F&M for a pie, but I'll try to get to Euston to see if they can help. I might also try Borough, as I work 5 mins. walk away, but I've not seen them there and don't like the place much anyway.

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      1. re: Robin Joy

        I saw Scotch pies today. Unfortunately, they were in Banstead and not in London. We go to an excellent butcher in Banstead, and I'd never noticed the pies before... probably because I wasn't looking for them. I think we'll try one next time we're there - my husband is fond of mutton. I'm not sure where this butcher gets the pies, and I didn't think to inquire. He has fantastic organic chickens... 2 for £8.99.

        1. re: Robin Joy

          Robin - I really dont think you'll find any at Borough - I'm always popping there to Utobeer and never seen any! You can get a fantastic sausage roll there though!

          If you find Scotch pies anywhere let me know please :)