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Sep 25, 2008 10:27 PM

where to buy crunchy Fried Onion bits in Toronto?

Hi all!
I'm looking to buy a tub of fried onion bits
The kind that i am talking about is the kind that you sprinkle on top of pasta, or the kind that you can mix in with mash potatoes

here is a pic:

can someone please recommend which supermarket to find them?
I have tried to find them but no luck..


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    1. Do you mean something like this?

      You can usually find the tubs in the Chinese groceries. I know there is a brand of Indian spices (Suraj? the bag is yellow, with a clear window) that also has fried onions in bags -- I've seen these at No Frills.

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        Should be able to get them at any decent Indian grocer. I would try India-town first.

      2. Chinatown groceries have them in plastic containers on the top shelves,they also have crunchy fried garlic bits.

        1. IKEA sells really tasty roasted onions in their Swedish Food Markets.

          1. Any Chinese store should have these. You can also get these at places with Scandinavian foods - the Danish bakeries on Pape and Kingston Rd stock them.

            You can get similar onions in a can at any supermarket (French's/Durkees), though these are more expensive and generally less tasty.