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Sep 25, 2008 09:15 PM

What's good nearby Yorkdale mall?

It seems like every time we go shopping at Yorkdale mall, we end up either stuck in traffic on the 401 in rush hour, or else scrambling to find a place to eat and ending up disappointed. Besides Seoul House's BBQ which we had today, are there any good restaurants within a 10 mins local drive that's worth going to?

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  1. Don't be tempted by Katz's - bland, over-salted pastrami and corned beef.

    Have you considered taking the Allen Road south to Eglinton? That only takes about 10 minutes, and there are a number of good spots on Eglinton between Allen and Avenue Road. (Parking will probably take you longer - best to drop one person off to secure a table and order drinks while the other finds a place to abandon the car). Presumably after you've finished dinner, the roads will have cleared up, and you'll be back on the 401 in minutes.

    If you go west on Eglinton, you'll find lots of places to try Caribbean foods. Can't recommend any as I haven't tried any, but perhaps someone else can chime in.

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      Well you asked for good, not great, so on that basis alone, I would recommend Katz's. Is it the best corned beef ever, certainly not, but it's fine if you happen to be in the area and want something fast. I would also consider California Sandwiches, Cammarra's pizza, or United Bakery at Bathurst and Lawrence plaza. None are great but they do for us whenever we're in that vicinity.

      1. re: millygirl

        Of those three, Camarra's is definitely your best bet. Really delicious pizza. And within Yorkdale, call me crazy, but I like Milestones. I know it is a chain, but I have always had good meals there. Not Canoe or Scaramouch quality, but still decent.

        In terms of traffic, try zipping along Ranee (just barely south of Yorkdale) and it will take you to Bathurst. There you will find some halfway decent food. Thai Plate on the corner of Bathurst and Melrose and an AMAZING falafel place (the name escapes me this early in the morning) on the corner of Bathurst and Old Orchard. It is strictly kosher, though, so it is closed Friday afternoon until Sunday noon. In the winter it MAY be open on Sat. night a couple of hours after sunset. And then there is always Sea Hi, which had gotten such a bad rap on other boards, but which needs to be appreciated for what it is. It is old-school chinese food, with crunchy noodles and greasy, yet fresh spring rolls, awesome dry vancouver ribs, and yummy but so bad for you honey garlic chicken and about 100 other dishes you would never find in an authentic chinese restaurant. But you walk away feeling full and just a little bit naughty from gorging on everything that is both so good and so bad about Canadian chinese food. And for those who think it is always empty, try going on a Sunday evening; its packed! Traditionally, that is when jews eat their chinese food because back in the day, when restaurants and stores were closed on Sundays for religious reasons, the only thing open were chinese food restaurants and the only ones wanting to go out to eat were us Jew. Thus, a tradition began...

        1. re: Toronto Fastfoodie

          The name of the falafel joint on Bathurst St. at Old Orchard is Tov-Li. As has been mentioned, damn good falafels ($4.35) are to be had there. The toppings on offer are also tasty. If they ask which ones you want, I always say "All of them, thank you."

          1. re: juno

            The one time I had felafel at this branch it was so bad a spit it out and tossed the sandwich. Nasty, stale, fishy tasting oil. I've read newspaper reviews saying the same. Their northern branch near FInch is much better.

        2. re: millygirl

          There is a good VietNamese place on Wilson east of Keele, in a Dominion store plaza (easy parking), Pho Mi Asia. It is quite busy at lunch, but the servers (mostly York students) keep everything moving nicely. The pho broth was very good; the only thing I didn't like was spaghetti like wheat noodles, when I could have asked for rice noodles. This was a CH tip when I asked for a place in a culinary wasteland, from Flavoursgal.

          Pho Mi Asia
          1008 Wilson Ave, Toronto, ON M3K1G6, CA

          1. re: jayt90

            Also along Wilson towards Keele are a whole series of Latin American restaurants -- I like Los Arrieros in particular, and Maya was also very good when I tried it.

            Down Dufferin, there's the Argentinian steakhouse, Sky Ranch as an option.

          2. re: millygirl

            Sorry to say I fully agree with KevinB. Katz's - Cafeteria style, service nil, food on the verge of non edible. I would suggest you go down to Lawrence Plaza and go to United Bakery. Very good, very fresh food, prompt and good service, quite worth your $s. Two days ago I had fish and chips: 3 nice pieces of sole in crispy batter and a full plate of real potato chips, not greasy one bit. Plus cole slaw, seasoning, 1 bagel, butter and jelly for $15 tip and tx included.

        3. Katz's really isn't all that bad

          It gets a bad wrap on here for things like being "unauthentic" and "machine sliced" rather than hand-cut.... But if I pass by it and I haven't eaten, I will still stop in for a sandwich

          It certainly beats anything you could pick up in cold-cut format at a grocery store.

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          1. re: duckdown

            Possibly one of the worst delis I've ever eaten at. Their meat is terribly dry. I had a cousin who worked there many years ago with horror stories of the place.

          2. About 5 or so minutes west on Wilson is Mastro's Italian - fantastic!

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            1. re: JohnnyCake

              Huh. Really?

              I drive by it all the time, and it always looks so out of date that I've never been in, even though it's quite near my house. What's it like inside? Do you need reservations? What are some of their good dishes?

              1. re: Jacquilynne

                The interior is out of date but in a cool, old-school kind of way. The same with the food. I peeked in the kitchen and there are these little old italian ladies toiling away making what taste like recipes that have been in families for generations. And on Sat. night, an accordian player came out to entertain us. A great family restaurant!

                1. re: Toronto Fastfoodie

                  Thanks! I pass by several times a week but I never stopped. I'll try it next time.

            2. If you happen to be playing hookey from work and shopping during business hours, you might take the opportunity to stock up at the gelato mothership. Gelato Fresco is a mere 3 km's from Yorkdale. How fast you get there is up to you.

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              1. re: Googs

                Seoul House at Dufferin and Orfus Road is quite good. They make a mean Hwe Dup Bap, which is diced sashimi atop salad, with a side of steamed rice and sweet/spicy sauce. Mix all together for a delicious meal in a bowl. Their Saengsun Chigae (spicy fish soup) is also good. Lots of people eat barbecue, but I've never ordered it there.

              2. If you are willing to drive a bit, Thai Shen Inn (sp?) is one of the best thai places in the city.

                Take the Allen to Eglinton and go west past dufferin, on the south side, little hole in the wall.

                Ensure you order the Tom Yum, mango salad, and pad thai (I prefer and ask for it a bit spicier) - if you go with a larger group, their curries are great, as is their whole fried garlic fish.