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Sep 25, 2008 09:08 PM

Restaurant Eve desserts?

We're heading to Restaurant Eve Friday night and we've been once before and loved it. (Bistro both times). We skipped dessert last time having heard they didn't compare to the other courses. But we're thinking about trying a dessert tomorrow because we are going to skip drinks at Eve since we're going to PX afterwards. Can anyone recommend a dessert? Thanks! (And any other courses for those who've been recently if you're so inclined!)

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  1. The creme brulee is my favorite and was the best I've had anywhere in DC.

    For appetizers, I usually always go with their ravioli dish - all have been incredibly delicious. For entrees, the duck leg confit and the pork belly have been my favorites, but the menu changes frequently so I can't guarantee they'll still be there.

    1. Alot of people love the Birthday Cake. It's kitchy and just ok compared to the cupcakes being produced a block away. I'd stick to anything that is made from seasonal ingredients- I was there a couple weeks ago for lunch and they were serving a plum/blackberry cobller that was really good.

      1. We do love creme brulee so that is great to know! I'm a little torn on the pork belly - I think it is often on the menu - a good friend of mine really did not like it so now I've got one vote for and one against!

        Yes, not sure I want to go with the Birthday Cake . . . will keep an eye out for the seasonal items though.