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Sep 25, 2008 08:33 PM

Yogurtland coming to Berkeley

I have been addicted to this yogurt since I first discovered it several months ago on one of my many trips to Long Beach, CA. This is some of the best frozen yogurt I've had in a long time.... excellent assortment of flavors (some of which include my favorite, Taro, along with many of the now popular "tart" flavors, including Plain), self serve, and good price ($.30/ounce).

I had the yogurt today at the Cupertino store and it was as good as ever. I like that its light and refreshing without the aftertaste of some of the other place's yogurt. Today I had a cup (its large) with strawberry (there was a sign saying that its made with fresh strawberries and it actually tastes like it), green tea, cookies & cream, Heath Bar, taro, and pistachio. I liked all the flavors, but I have to say that the cookies & cream (also saying that its made with fresh cookies) and Heath Bar were my least favorite of the bunch.

I am very excited that they are coming to Berkeley!

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  1. Update-

    It now says that there are two of these shops coming to Berkeley, one on Shattuck and one on Bancroft. Lucky me!!

    1. The Yogurtland on Bancroft at Telegraph has been open for a couple of weeks, and holy crud has it been busy. I certainly couldn't resist trying fro-yo for 30 cents an ounce, at least not in this recession. I found the flavours not explicitly labelled as "tart" way too cloying, but the tart flavours were fine. Didn't detect the iciness pinned as a flaw on some other threads. Some of the fruit toppings tasted old, but I was glad to have lychee as an option, not to mention mochi.

      As someone who mostly cares about the plain yogurt and not so much the toppings, I think that in the area, Yogurt Harmony and Michelle's put out a superior product to Yogurtland's, while Papamingo and Ryno's are about on a par. (Haven't yet tried the 36 cents-an-ounce yogurt at the new Creations on Shattuck, while I'm outside the target market for Yogurt Park.) But as someone who usually only wants four ounces of yogurt, I'll probably go to Yogurtland at least as often as I go to any other fro-yo place.

      2516 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA 94704

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        We were in San Diego this weekend and hit Yogurtland twice.... There was a line out the door each day. According to my 10 year old " Yogurtland is the highlight of the vacation, dad!" My kids will be besides themselves to know that they have one by Cal. We need one in the Lamorinda area!

      2. Extra plus for sugarless options.