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Sep 25, 2008 08:30 PM

Best NY style Italian food in West Hollywood

Johnnies NY Pizzeria and Café @ 8166 W. Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, 90046 323-650-8128 and not to be confused w\ Frankie and Johnnies. Its one of the best NY style pizza I have tried in LA. The place is in a strip mall and from outside it doesn't look to pleasing but once you enter it has a great ambiance. The place has a rustic brown decor with historic pictures of NY. 3 large flat screens playing anything from sports to music videos. I also love the fact that the whole kitchen is visible and clean.
The wait staff was very knowledgeable, friendly and good looking. They had Happy Hour when I went and all drinks and appetizers were 1/2 off, they offer a large selection of draft and imported beer and wine. I loved the free garlic knots they give out and the Johnnies Combo Pizza was awesome. I was to full to have more but I will be back to try their pasta and chicken dishes.
From what the nice New "Guido looking" Owner told me they just bought the place on July 14th and have made all the upgrades that I liked. Check them out for some nice home style Italian food.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Let's be honest here -- Johnny's is basically a minimall pizza and casual Italian chain. This is a frenetic little center with lots of traffic and parking gets jammed during prime hours, and while I applaud any new ownership exhibiting pride and effort and revamping the place into a relaxing stop for a meal, let's be realistic in our expectations. Are you even allowed to park there for longer than an hour?

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        Yes i do agree the parking does get very hectic during lunch time but all of that is due to wamu being right there... and who know if that branch is going to be there any longer. But i never claimed they were a 5 star restaurant, just the best food for the price and some of the best NY pizza around. You are allowed to park as long as you want as long as you are a patron at one of the restaurants.

      2. My fav NY style Italian in WeHo is the Rainbow.

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          Dont forget their chicken soup too.

        2. Johnnie's pizza is indeed excellent. Fast delivery too. My only complaint about the Sunset location is for some reason they don't offer the delicious chicken marsala that can be found at the Wilshire and Santa Monica locations. That said, I freakin' love this pizza.