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Sep 25, 2008 08:13 PM

From Basque country to Galicia

We want to travel from San Sabastian all the way west in northern Spain and want to eat at the Michelin starred restaurants each night. Is it possible to do this by public transporation? Bus? Train?

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  1. Unless you are just going to stick strictly to the coast , this region is really best explored by car...

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      Can do by train, but why; Did the pilgrimage for two days and was wonderful. The car will cost less than a good meal at a highly starred place and your options are endless. Feel those areas of Gallicia, Asturias, Aragon, Cantabria are some of the best on earth and totally ignored by the travel public, perfect. Car will allow you to explore the mountains of Asturias, the caves of Cantabria, the mountain Cathar castles of Aragon, the everything.

    2. Hola, been checking the train routes in that region, the small gauge line along the coast is described as scenic but slow, and the most publicized michelin starred places in the basque section aren't close to train stations, as far as I know. Didn't examine that aspect in particular, because the eateries that have the distinctive regional cooking, which is my principal interest, are not necessarily the michelin-starred. Obvious suggestion--plot the starred restaurants that interest you first, train stations are easy to locate and restaurants within a town or village will probably have buses that get close--many localities depend on bus connections. It's those outskirts or out-on-country-road eateries that necessitate a car or taxi. For time and convenience of course most tourists depend on private/rented cars but I get the impression the area also attracts travelers getting by without them--you refer to the same area as the famous pilgrimage trek to santiago de compostela done on foot for centuries.