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Sep 25, 2008 07:39 PM

Tupelo Honey, Seacliff - or Mimms, Roslyn

Looking for a nice place to go with some friends for dinner. I would love a place in Nassau County with great food & great Beer - other than Waterzooi - but i think i might have to live without

Please tell me if you've been to either above mentioned - and what your experience was


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  1. It's been over a month, and no one has replied, which kind of surprises me. I am not a beer drinker, so can't comment on that, but I think Mim's might fit your bill. It has more of the casual atmosphere than Tupelo Honey, which is eclectic, but different than Mim's. I like Mim's, but my hubby is not a fan, so I go there when I go out with friends or my mother and kids (older, not little ones). Had a great martini there a few weeks ago, with a very enjoyable burger and sweet potato fries. Have had many of their salads, seared tuna, plenty of other things. Always satisfying. Haven't been to Tupelo Honey in a while, but always liked it. We are going this Friday night, so will report back. They have been around for a long time, and am always sorry that I don't trek that far north often enough.

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      thank you so much for your reply - i look forward to your report this weekend :)

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        We had a very enjoyable dinner at Tupelo Honey, and again said we don't know why we don't go more often. We shared a few appetizers, nachos, a pizza, and ribs. All were quite good. I had Bass for my main course that I thought was outstanding. It came with coconut rice, braised endive, on a black eyed pea puree. My husband had jerk porkchops that he thought were excellent as well. We are wine drinkers. We have found that instead of calling and asking "can we bring our own wine", we call and ask, "What's your corkage fee?" They answered that it was $15, so we felt totally comfortable bringing wines from our own cellar. The only thing I have to remember for next time is that they top everything with sprouts, which I am allergic to.

    2. Forgot to mention the desserts. We shared 2 things, an oreo something, which was very sweet, and a coconut creme brule which was very good.

      1. Personally, I think Mim's is very overpriced for what it is (Syosset location, have never been to Rosyln.)

        It's very loud and the food, while fine, is not outstanding and has gotten very pricey. I think they recently changed their menu. Recently had a bill of $100 for two apps, three glasses of wine and a steak salad. Outrageous. Won't be back.

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          thank you both for you replies!

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            It must have been that the wines by the glass were high. The apps were probably $10 each, the steak salad another $20, so the wines had to be $15 per glass or so. It is not cheap, but not any higher priced than Waterzooi.

          2. It's been over two months since this topic posted, but I thought anyone interested in Tupelo Honey should know that it is now closed. Their website says "closed for the season", but I have it on good authority that it is not likely to re-open at all. Too bad, we really liked it there.

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              Too Bad indeedy - i never made it. We went to Mimms - and the food was wonderful. The restaurant was surprising large on the inside. The decor wasnt impressive - but the food was great. I enjoyed a pecan crusted tillapia w/ vanilla sweet potatoes, cranberry orange compote and sauteed zuchini. There were 2 fillets of wonderfuly moist fish. More than enough food for lunch the next day. we went on a thursday around 8pm - There were only 3 other tables there. I guess everyone takes advantage of their ample Prefixe menu $22 from 5-6:30.

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                I think Mim's is a great standby. I like the huge menu selection since my husband and I tend to liek different things. We go there often.

            2. I pass Mimms to get to Tupelo honey and it is no contest - I don't even slow down. Only problem is that Tupelo Honey may be closed. I am hoping they reopen because I loved that place. So much that my wife and I were married there 10+ years ago. Really one of the best restaurants on Long island. Please come back!

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                Tupelo Honey is definitely closed for good. :( I suppose there is always hope that someone buys it and starts it up again, but the original owners will not be opening it again.

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                  Ahhhh...good news for Tupelo fans. I found out tonight that they will, in fact, be re-opening soon. And from what I understand, while they have new capital, same management and chef will be returning. So, I guess, just keep an eye out. My husband and I had our very first date there four years ago, and it is a fave and we can't wait to return!

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                    Cool news Justpaula, thanks for keeping me posted. Tupelo Honey is one of my favorite places and has been for many years. My wife and I were married there 10 1/2 years ago. Do you know if it opened back up yet? I can't wait.

                    1. re: streetfeeds

                      Actually, as far as I know, they ended up closing for good. The same folks owned Mill River Inn which has also closed. It is a bummer.