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Sep 25, 2008 06:58 PM

Foodie Christmas Gift

I have decided to make edible Xmas gifts this year and am wondering if anyone has any unique suggestions other than the usual fruit mince pies, booze-soaked dried fruit, Xmas shortbread etc.
Also creative packaging and wrapping ideas please.

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  1. I'd be happy to receive some homemade brownies. Maybe some baklava. Some homemade truffles, chocolate mint perhaps?

    1. I've always enjoyed making peppermint bark for people. For my edible gifts this year, I was going to research different cultures and try to reproduce Christmas specialties that you usually don't see served/made that often.

      1. Biscotti are always a hit with my friends, as are chocolate covered pretzels. I do the pretzel rods in caramel, then chocolate, and then roll in nuts or crushed peppermints.

        For either, I wrap in the clear cellophane bags and tie with fancy ribbon. I have also done small regular pretzels dipped in chocolate and wrapped in red or green Chinese takeout cartons. The issue is usually that the wrapping ends up costing significantly more than the gift.

        1. Carmel corn. you could put it in cellophane bags with different colored ribbons. Maybe online you could find the cone-shaped bags

          1. Seasoned nuts, turtles, spiced pumpkin bread or white chocolate cranberry cookies?

            Michael's has Martha Stewart packaging that looks good & does a decent job protecting the food. You'll want to take your 40% off coupon though:) Last year at Xmas they had miniature paper gingerbread houses that fit a couple truffles. Cute!

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              big lots is a grt place to find cute, cheap containers

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                Yeah, love Big Lots -- last time I was there I bought some 32 ounce Snapware canisters with Xmas designs for $2.They even have gift tags on them! I haven't decide what I'm going to put in them -- I often do spiced and/or candied nuts, but I'm thinking these are a little big for that. Maybe I'll do a layered "bean soup mix in a jar" or some kind of baking mix.