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Concord, Lexington, Arlington?

We are finding ourselves and up and around that area visiting family. Any suggestions for great chow - in that area? Asian, Mexican, Italian or seafood? What does that leave...

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  1. no GREAT chow in any of those towns, IMO. Some very good in Arlington, but NOT in concord, unfortunately. you are SO much better off driving 10 minutes from arlington into cambridge or somerville, for some very excellent restnts- like EVOO or Gargoyle's on the Square.

    1. Check out Thai Moon in Arlington for their superb curries and stir fried noodles.

      1. Usually I recommend Thai Moon highly but had a mediocre pad thai there a week ago. Prose can be excellent w/ seafood but the owner is quirky. Flora is great if you want upscale. Avoid Ixtapa in Lexington.
        If Indian is a possibility, both Punjab and Kathmandu Spice work.
        Lots of Arlington recs on the board.

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            Catch in Winchester is in range, and excellent.

          2. I just had a delightful dinner at Ixtapa in East Lexington. I'm a a Mexican fan and Ixtapa is up there with the best in area.
            Dabin is Lexington is pretty good Japanese/Korean.
            Concord doesn't have much. Walden Grille is Ok, but I only ever eat at the bar. The Colonial Inn doesn't do much for me.

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              I've heard that the newer Japanese rest in Lex center, Daikanyama, is better (for the Japanese food) than Dabin. Not much chatter on CH. Anyone been?
              You could also head to Bedford, just down rte 4. Ginger is a cute, small mom and pop sushi restaurant with really good food, Dalya's is a fancier upscalish Mediterranean flavored place, and right next to Bedford Farms, which will still be serving good Richardson's ice cream (and some of their own) till Thanksgiving.
              For Mexican, I prefer Zocalo Cocina Mexicana in Arlington to Ixtapa.
              For easy red sauce American-Italian, Bertucci's in Lexington or Cafe Luigi in Bedford.

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                I've heard good things about Daikanyama too. Dabin isn't great, but I like being able to combine Sushi with Korean BBQ and, in the summer months, the outside seating is pleasant.
                I was actually logging back on to mention Zocala Cocina; I've only been once, but thought it was very good.

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                  Daikanyama is really excellent. Pricier than Dabin, but I think worth it. We eat there about three times a month. Last week they had a sea scallop special that was out of this world.

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                    Daikanyama is very good for the burbs. They have good classic sushi, many interesting "American sushi", kotsu, teriyaki, tempura, nabe and more. This is the best sushi in the area and I've tried them all.

                    Daikanyama Japanese Cuisine
                    43 Waltham St, Lexington, MA 02421

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                      I'd definitely agree that Diakanyama is the best Japanese in the vicinity. Much more authentic than Dabin, and better service too.

                      I'd also recommend Scutra in Arlington. Sometimes the food there suffers from "one ingredient too many", but it's usually quite good.

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                        I finally made it to Daikanyama, once. Based on one visit I was not impressed: the rice was dense and hard packed, and nothing special about the fish. I'll have to give it another go, but I much prefer Ginger in Bedford, for nearby. Or go to Toroya in Arlington or Sushi Island in Wakefield for the best of the 'burbs.

                        Toraya Restaurant
                        890 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington, MA 02476

                        Sushi Island
                        397 Main St, Wakefield, MA 01880

                        Ginger Japanese Restaurant
                        78 Great Rd, Bedford, MA 01730

              2. In West Concord, for lunch and take-out, La Provence, across from the depot, has French-influenced cuisine and an excellent pastry selection.

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                  La Provence is NOT in West Concord. It's in Concord proper on Thoreau Street.

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                    thanks for the correction. wrong depot.

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                      I second the recommendation for La Provence in Concord. Good rotisserie chicken, sandwiches, quiche, and salads. Tutto Italiano in Concord (next to Daikanyama) has great Italian sandwiches - well at least their Wellesley location does. Looking at the menu at Daikanyama, it looked like a place that was trying to please everyone. Better to drive one town over to Toraya in Arlington and have a real Japanese meal.

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                        robertlf means Tutto Italiano in Lexington, not Concord.

                  2. For high-end Italian, try L'Andana about 5 min from Lexington Center in Burlington. For great hole-in-the-wall Sichuan, try Sichuan Gourmet about 10 min away in Billerica.

                    1. Concord has very good options for lunch but NOT for dinner. I would recommend Farfalle Italian Market (very fresh and high quality ingredients, hidden local hangout across the street from La Provence), La Provence (French with great daily specials until 2PM and very good prices), The Cheese Shop and Sally Ann's for lunch. All but Sally Ann offer seating. All are well worth a visit.

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                        For Asian I'd drive to Waltham and go to Beijing Star. FAR better than anything you'll find in Lexington or Concord.

                      2. Toraya in Arlington for some the best straightforward Japanese possible - ALWAYS fresh and delicious with warm, gracious service, even if not so edgy or creative and with very simple ambiance. Not good for groups of more than 4 due to small size and no reservations.

                        1. "Asian, Mexican, Italian, or seafood? What does that leave... "

                          You didn't mention meat, so I'll put in a word for Tango, the Argentinian steak house in Arlington. Delicious food, and v. reasonably priced wine list.

                          You can stroll up and down Mass Ave in Arlington, there are lots of great restaurants reviewed on this site. The only negative I've been reading is about Pasha.

                          1. Bollywood Cafe, on the Lexington/Arlington line, is my favorite Indian. Not a great place to eat-in, but it's perfect for take-out. They're very friendly, the food is always fresh and tasty, and they're always willing to make things for me that aren't on the menu.

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                              Second the rec for Bollywood friendliness and flexibility. I order saag paneer with yogurt instead of cream and it is lighter and quite delicious. Every couple of months, a group of 10 neighborhood guys meet at the restaurant and put ourselves in the owners hands. He brings out a great appetizer assortment, lots of entrees and naans. Total ends up being under $15 pp before tip. (It's BYOB which save lots of $$$.)

                              Bollywood Cafe
                              135 Massachusetts Ave, Lexington, MA 02420