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Sep 25, 2008 05:39 PM

Taco Truck - Yonkers/Hastings Border

There is a pink taco truck aptly named Pink Panther on Saw Mill River Road (9A) just south of Jackson Ave. It's operated by a nice Hispanic women. She serves chicken, beef and my favorite, pork tacos. They also have Latin style platters, hot dogs and soups. The truck is popular with local laborers, truck drivers and the occasional guy in a suit. It's definitely NOT a destination like El Charrito in Stamford but since I live a couple miles away, it's no big deal. Check it out next time you are near by.

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  1. I work not too far away (Tuckahoe Road) and am always lamenting the lack of intersting food. I've driven past the Pink Panther for years and never thought to give it a try. Will do soon and report back!