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Sep 25, 2008 05:14 PM

Stew question - adding over-cooked beef

Dear Chowhound Cooks,
I have a nice eye round that I roasted too long. We like it rare. But this roast is pale pink with a nice brown crust. I'd like to cube the meat and make a stew.
What's the best way to stew beef that has already cooked to long? Should I brown the cubes?

Any recipe suggestions?

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  1. I might cut the roast into bit size pieces and brown them lightly before adding a good beef broth and doing a braise for about an hour before expanding the whole thing into a stew preparation. Inasmuch as the roast is already cooked it's simply a matter (IMHO) of getting all the flavors to come together. But I wouldn't try making a stew out of it without a good beef broth as a base. Might be a better idea to cut the roast up nice and thin and make sandwiches out of it.