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Sep 25, 2008 05:10 PM

Wollensky- Prime rib or Colorado Ribeye?

I am contemplating what to order when I got to Smith and Wollensky. I know they are known for both their massive prime rib and Colorado Ribeye. I have recently had the amazing prime rib at both the Old Homestead and Keens. So, I am kinda leaning towards just getting the regular Colorado Ribeye since I am craving a traditional charred steak. However, I really do love a beautiful bloody rare slab of prime rib. For those of you that have had both which do you recommend? Are they both the same size? I thought I remember someone saying the prime rib is really massive- a bit bigger than the Colorado ribeye.

The t-bone also looks interesting, but I haven't heard rave reviews about it. Seems like most people talk about the prime rib or ribeye.

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  1. Had the cajun ribeye a few weeks ago at S&W, and it was one of the best steaks ive had in my life and ive at almost every steak house you can think of, not just in ny but around the country. The rib eye is huge, on the bone with a good amount of fat that just gives it great taste. I usually would never get a cajun any type of steak but went with it and the seasoning is just fantastic. Really a must try, Im a rare guy with meat but with the rib eye go with MR to activate that fat and get all the flavor the steak has.

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    1. re: beer4brkfest

      I have heard the cajun ribeye is amazing. However, being a steak purist lik yourself I don't think I can get myself to order it.

      Hey Sam1, you think I would be better off at Wolfgang's?

    2. steakrules, i actually went to smith and wollensky for the first time on tuesday evening for a business dinner. we share the same taste in lugers and trust me when i say that smith and wollensky is not only ridiculously overpriced, but its just not very good. my steak was just a notch above ruth chris and i cant stand ruth chris.

      i had the recommended double cut sirloin...and proceeded to cut off a nice chunk of fat and gristle off of it. at $48, it was more than most steaks ive seen and very mediocre.

      only saving grace was the giant pour of blantons bourbon that the bartender poured. otherwise, they have a horrible scotch selection and their desserts are meh. i ordered a soft shell crab (yes, very late in the season) and it was pretty unenjoyable.

      dinner came out about $150/person and we didnt go crazy on drinks at all. id avoid.

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        i would agree that S&W is in most ways very similar to the other high end chains, i.e. mortons, ruth chris, and capital grill ( even tho I also share a real dislike for ruth chris, having the hot plates continue to cook my steak longer than id like) but I will say that if you going to S&W it is a no brainer, you should get the cajun ribeye.

      2. SR85 - I will jump on the cajun ribeye bandwagon. While S&W is not Luger, it's still solid. I would recommend eating on the Grill side. Take a break from the porterhouse!