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Sep 25, 2008 05:08 PM

Looking for recipe for Indian Hot Sauce/Paste

Years ago I had a friend whose parents were from India (southernish, I remember him telling me they spoke Telugu) and he introduced me to a tasty breakfast combination of rice, yogurt, banana, and some sort of hot and tangy stuff, that's more like a paste than a sauce. He called it something like "putchity"... That's phonetic. No idea how it would be spelled. Does anyone know what this mystery paste is? Does anyone have the recipe?

Thanks in advance,

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  1. "Pachadi" is a South Indian version of a raita. I have a recipe from Mangoes & Curry Leaves [great cookbook] that has cayenne chiles, coconut, yogurt, ginger, tumeric, banana and other ingredients. I hope this is what you are looking for.

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        Raita is a specific kind of yogurt sauce with diced vegetables. Pachadi is a completely different form of condiment. The word "Pachadi" (like chutney) is a generic term, like "sauce." For pachadi there is no one basic form. You can have tomato pachadi, coconut pachadi, cabbage pachadi, lentil pachadi, etc (case in point: there are at least a dozen different kinds of pachadi sitting in my fridge/kitchen table right now). There are infinite ways to make a pachadi and they look and taste dramatically different.

        No idea what kind of pachadi, your friend made, jillm, but you can approximate it using recipes like bookwormchef's. The common ingredients in most pachadis (basically a pureed spicy condiment) are mustard seeds, curry leaves, cilantro, and chiles. The other ingredients are an infinite set of variations.

        Your friend's pachadi could even have been a pickle. My family uses the terms pickle, chutney, and pachadi interchangeably, so it's even more confusing to pinpoint which dish is which.

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          Thanks for the input fallingup. The cookbook I mentioned said that pachadis are like Southern Indian versions of a raita, a cross between salad and sauce. It says they are dynamic with rice. What do you eat your's with.

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            Thank you for the clarification. Once bookwormchef gave me the correct spelling and I was able to google it I realized how far away I am from the pachadi I tasted 20 yrs ago! It was red, tangy and very hot is all I remember. Looks like I'm gonna have some fun with condiments!

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