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Sep 25, 2008 04:47 PM

Ropa Vieja??? HELP!!!

I bet a friend I would shave my head if I couldn't find great, authentic Ropa Vieja withing 30 minutes of Nyack....

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  1. wow..what do you get if you find one?
    cuban eddies is in dumont, nj. my dude an i are fans of their ropa

    1. i don't know if it is within 30 minutes, but rebecca's in edgewater, nj makes a great ropa viejo.

      1. Except during rush hours, you should be able to make it to White Plains in that time and then eat at Latin American Cafe. Very tasty ropa vieja as well as other authentic Cuban dishes.

        1. San Juan Cafe on North Broadway has it. And don't forget about Haverstraw...very large Latin community there and I'm sure you can find some. Dominicans eat ropa vieja too. Then again, there is my kitchen...I live in Nyack and make a mean ropa vieja...

          1. wait: isn't there a cuban spot in Nyack? (the street that's perpendicular to the main drag)?

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              I'm not sure if the San Juan Cafe is Cuban or Puerto Rican... Regardless, I'll check them out for Ropa Vieja.

              I went to Cuban Eddie's tonight and must say the food was phenomenal. The rice with pigeon peas, pork stew and of course ropa vieja all blew me away. Unfortunately their menu says it is only available Monday/Wednesday/Friday. Probably a good thing as it is a bit of an indulgence.