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Sep 25, 2008 04:27 PM

Fred's Franks -- Wakefield road side stand

Great hot dogs and sausage and stuff -- perfect food at a road side stand. It's Fred's Franks -- right by the lake in Wakefield -- the smell alone is awesome ... that's what made me have to try one -- I got the chourico and let Fred suggest the toppings. Spicy good -- he cooks to order -- doesn't' take long -- fresh and hot! And he is a fun guy to talk too. Lots of locals walked up and ordered their "usual" -- that's a testimony too. It's at Exit 40 off 128 in Wakefield, go around the rotary look toward the lake. Freds Franks is on the right between parking lot and rotary--he's there Tue to Sat until 4 pm unless he runs out of food

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  1. I drove by where Fred normally sets up and there was a different vendor there. Did Fred lose his spot? or will there be a vendor war when Fred reopens in April???

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      Just checked out his website, and he plans to open on Patriot day- want to open in the same spot, but says he will open nearby, if needed. Here is the link for you to check out.