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Wedding Caterer - Edmonton

Friends are planning to get married next September, and since they are having the event at Fort Ed. Park, they have the freedom to hire any caterer they want. Does anybody have good ideas about this? They are not totally restricted budget-wise, but they want to be reasonable (mid-range) about prices.

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  1. No clue on the price range but my friends got married this year and used Bridges for their catering for the cocktail party (appies only) and for a bbq. Both were good. Some items were great, others average. But isn't that always the way on buffets? Overall I would recommend them.

    1. Elizabethan Catering does events at Fort Edmonton and are familiar with the facilities (http://www.elizabethan.com/).

      1. We are probably using The Dish and Runaway Spoon for our wedding. Based purely on the online menus of every Edmonton caterer we could find it looked the best to us.

        1. We used Elizabethan Catering for our wedding and were very happy with them.

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            I went to a wedding last weekend at fort edmonton- elizabethan catered the wedding and ran out of vegetables with about 50 people left to feed.

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              Hmm... I have to admit that I was the bride at the wedding, there was Scotch in the church (my dad was in a kilt and had a hip flask, which we polished off before he gave me away), wine while we were all getting ready for the wedding, and champagne on the way over to the reception. Plus, the wedding was attended by a mixture of Scots-Irish-German-Russian family members and friend who were ready to PARTY.

              So, I guess, the wedding was great, the party fantastic, we had food, and Elizabethan catered it. I recall (maybe) that the hip of bison was a bit dry, so if you go with them, don't order it.

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                must have been a different wedding that weekend kali, b/c elizabethan served a beef striploin at the one i went to- the steak was very good- but, running out of vegetables was lame.

          2. Sorry, I've only had mediocre to horrible experiences from Elizabethan. For small parties they seem okay but at large functions the roast beef is dry, dry, dry and only thing I find edible there are the perogies and green salad.

            I would say Dish and Runaway Spoon or Krave. Another suggestion would be to call up your favourite restaurant and ask if they do catering at all.

            1. I have booked at least 25 catered events in Edmonton in the past 3 years. Here are my favourites:
              Bridges -- good food, excellent services, very good at dealing with unexpected events. Do not pad the rental charges like dishes and equipment
              Krave - very, very good food, quite expensive, not the most creative or adaptive when things go off the rails, staff has got flustered a time or two. If budget is not an issue, these guys can really take it up a notch.
              A Capella - good food, decent staff, if you were looking for value on good, but predicatable they are your pick.

              I am not a big fan of Elizabethan, probably because in a former life I went to at least 20 events they did a year and they all seemed the same.

              1. Mushrooms and More also caters at Fort Edmonton. Their website is www.mushroomsandmore.com

                1. Any updated recommendations? I'm planning a cocktail/hors d'oeuvres reception for the summer. Thanks!

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                    I would say A Capella is quite good, and they are currently reworking their menu to include more local and healthy items.

                    Also, although I haven't actually had their catering, I was quite impressed with the food at Absolutely Edibles restaurant. Their restaurant menu had an extensive list of hors d'oeuvres and appetizers, but again, not sure what their catering menus offer.

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                      Bridges still does good catering.
                      I would check with your favourite restaurant too; for instance, I believe d'Lish does catering.

                    2. Elizabethan is not bad.
                      I've used BBQ acres a few times (my wedding and numerous work functions), nothing fancy, but the food is really good and so is the price.

                      Avoid A Capella, I used them for a large work function (approx 250 people), they showed up an hour late, no appology or phone call (I had to call them to try and track them down). The excuse was "well, it took longer to cook all that food than we thought."