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Sep 25, 2008 04:19 PM

Best brand/type of honey for tea???

I need one that will not replace the flavor of my tea. I just bought a couple of Mariage Freres green teas and although I love it as it is, I feel that it needs some sweetening. Does anyone have a suggestion for a brand/type of honey that I can use? Thanks!

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  1. Well, you probably want a lighter honey, and nothing with a fruity flavour, so that rules out things like blackberry, orange blossom or lavender, and the darker honeys like avocado or buckwheat. Something like star thistle would be nice I think. That is, if you have access to artisinal-type local or unpasturized/raw honeys. If you are stuck with something you can find in most mainstream grocery stores, SueBee brand might be okay, but I would encourage you to look up local honey producers or somewhere you could purchase raw honey (even if it isn't necessarily local). You might also want to look into agave nectar as a sweetener as well.

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      If you can find it I have found that black sage honey has a fairly light and netrual flavor. Don't remember the name of the brand, but the one I found tended to come in a tall thing jar with a mosty tan label.