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Sep 25, 2008 04:05 PM

Fifth Floor one more time.

This Saturday night 6 of us will be dining at Fifth Floor for the first time since Manrique has taken over. I have searched the board for some feedback, and while I found a lot of mentions, didn't see any substantive reports on the food. Maybe I missed a thread? Anyone care to comment? Recs on menu items? How to order? Go for the Sommelier Degustation menu?

I love Gascon cuisine and have high hopes.

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    1. PLEASE report back! I don't think any Chowhound regulars have been in a while...

      1. the food is ok, but for that price, there are many other places i would go to before fifth floor. a lot of the apps are pretty bland, and the main courses are quite nice, but nothing that will blow you away. wine list and dessert are excellent though.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. I just had a meal there about two weeks ago, on a Wednesday night with a work associate from out of town. We sat in the lounge area and were blown away by the food. Can you say "duck fat fries?" They came with the ribeye which was expensive but it was perfect for two people and we pretty much fought over the duck fat fries - they were amazing. The crab bisque was intense but somehow still light. I was ambivalent about ordering salmon but it was four star - granted the beets that came with were ideal for me. I had the St. Jacques et Tomatoes to start and would absolutely order it again - fresh clean flavors, heirlooms done right. My revelation was that the next time I dine there, I really need to try sitting in the dining room. I've been to the lounge twice now, but both times were casual business. The dining room looked good for a third date - when it's time to seal the deal in a classy non stuffy environment...guess I need to get those first two dates out of the way first...anyway, my summary is that the food has clearly achieved a higher level. It's really memorable. Oh, and the margarita(s) rocked. I don't know if the bartender was a certified "mixologist" or not, but she sure knew how to work that tequila...