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Sep 25, 2008 03:38 PM

ISO: one person bodum

The caffeine junkie in me is looking for a fix - I have recently switched jobs and moved from a downtown location where there was a plethora of coffee places in spitting distance to a barren suburban wasteland... with no coffee shop in sight... I have decided - I have to take matters into my own hands and "brew" my own... so I am looking for a one person bodum/french press coffee pot at a reasonable price... I know that MEC sells a camping one, but I am looking for other options... perhaps something a little more elegant and less utilitarian?

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  1. I recently donated my one-person bodum to a charity thrift store as I never used it, maybe it's still there, lol -

    I'm sure you could find one reasonably priced at somewhere like Sears or the Bay.

    1. They have a Bodum 16 ounce travel press at Bed Bath and Beyond. I found it on the US site but notice you have 2 locations in Ontario. Sorry don't know the territory as to their closeness.
      I Googled them and they have got Toronto surrounded.

      1. I know that Kitchen Stuff Plus carries them....

        Pretty Cheap too

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          I bought mine at Kitchen Stuff Plus... around $30 for a nicer one (chrome top, some are just black plastic), brews for one or two.

        2. Manic Coffee (on N. side of College, east of Bathurst) has bodums for sale and are well priced. Also pick up some single origin coffee from them, its fantastic.

          1. I bought my one-cup bodum french press pot from ...... Winners! It was a great deal at 15 bucks.

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              Similarly, I just bought one (not the Bodum brand, though, if that's important for you) at HomeSense this week for $9.99 - makes one large mug of coffee.