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Sep 25, 2008 02:56 PM

upscale vegetarian in Vegas?

i've spent the last couple days searching for a "fancy" restaurant that has at least 1 appealing vegetarian entree and i haven't found anything. the closest option i found was at Bouchon, and imho a plate of gnocchi is not worth $27. most menus that i looked at (Alex, Boulud, etc.) did not have a vegetarian option on their menu. am i SOL?

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  1. The last time I checked, Tableau (at Wynn) had a vegetarian tasting menu. I think it was close to $100. You may have to act fast; Tableau is scheduled to close when its chef grades to Wynn's new property (Encore).

    I think I remember seeing a vegetarian tasting menu at Fleur de Lys, but my memory is fuzzy, and I've never eaten there.

    1. Check Andres' location near downtown. The menu states "CHEF'S TASTING MENU If you have an interest in sampling our cuisine, or have a special diet, allow Chef de Cuisine, Greg Engelhardt to create a menu to suit your dietary needs and palate." I think Pamplemousse also does several vegitarian dishes each day.

      1. Rosemary's has good options, and is a great place.

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          Seconding that emotion for Rosemary's. Great value, great service, nice selection of inventive dishes for veggie types. Cumin gouda YUM!!!

        2. From the posts on this board it seems most of the higher end restaraunt are willing to accomodate if you'd like to make substitutions on thier tasting menus, so that may be an option. You may want to contact the restaurant before your trip to ensure they will be OK with that.
          As far as the gnocchi at Bouchon, you may want to read uhockey's recent review ( I would pay $27 for gnocchi after reading that.

          1. I know Fleur de lys has one and you can review on Hubert Kellers site. Beautiful restaurant.