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"New" Jarrettown Hotel

Dresher, Ambler, Ft. Washington PA area.

Recently (and significantly) refurbed, reincarnated & re-opened as an Italian Bistro. Anyone been?

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  1. We actually went for lunch yesterday and left totally disappointed. Probably won't return. First, they do not brew their iced tea. Big no-no for us. The service was very slow. We both ordered what amounted to a grilled chicken caesar salad ($12). There was a medium size chicken breast and a less than appetizer portion of caesar salad. The dressing was bland. I even asked for a little extra, but that did not help. It looked like "doctored" mayo. The bread was very dry. It took a very long time for our salads to arrive and it was an effort to have our water glasses refilled. Definitely a huge let down.

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      Oh I am so bummed! That is such as great location, I had high hopes for the new place. I was always dissapointed in the Jarretown Inn, pretty much for the same reasons you cited are wrong with this place.

    2. We ate there last night and it seems that things have improved. We are very hopeful to have another good restaurant in the Upper Dublin area, and the Jarrettown Hotel has potential. The space is lovely (especially all decorated for the holidays) and the menu has a broad variety of choices. We started out with the bean and escarole soup which by itself was delicious. However, we were disappointed in the choice to add croutons to the soup, as well as the fact that the parmesan cheese offered came in a pizza-parlor style shaker (rather than fresh-grated tableside). Our request for fresh ground pepper also brought us a pepper grinder that the waitress left at our table for us to take care of ourselves. These three touches seemed below the menu options, style, and prices of the restaurant. For our entrees we had a pasta dish and lamb chops. Both were well prepared, tasty, and well presented. The main menu shortcoming was a lack of a la carte side items to the menu (i.e. sauteed spinach, broccoli, etc.). The restaurant had a nice selection of desserts, and the pumpkin spice cake was delicious. Overall this restaurant has great potential, and offers another option to the slim dining scene in Upper Dublin. Our overall comment is that the style and service is a few notches below the prices, but the food is good, and these shortcomings can be easily fixed. We will return.

      1. We decided to wait it out to give them time to work out their initial problems. We had dinner there last night. Parking lot was full, bar was crowded, and the decibel level in the bar was really high (too loud for me, I could never sit at that bar). The rehab was beautiful, though, they did a really nice job on the building. I was pleasantly surprised with the food. The appetizers were pricey (most over $8) and heavy on seafood. We shared scallops wrapped in bacon, they were quite nice and had a really good orange sauce. I have a weakness for homemade pasta so ordered the gnocci, which was the only house made pasta. The gnocci were okay (not pillowy soft, more chewy) not great but good and had a delicous pesto cream sauce. Overall, the dish worked well. My husband had chicken with asparagus, mozarella, and roasted peppers, it was a very pretty plate, I did not get a chance to try a bite because he liked it so much he scarfed it up in short order. It came with a side of pasta. The funny thing is that the owner saw how much and how quickly he ate that he stopped back with a second bowl of pasta for my husband in case he was still hungry. Of course, he was and ate that all too, all before I was even halfway done my gnocci. If he accepted a third bowl I would have been mortified! The service was excellent, our waitress was great, friendly and attentive, the owner stopped by to chat for a bit. The wine list was pretty small/limited but the owner did mention they planned to expand soon. I finished with chocolate/hazelnut gelato which was good (but nothing is ever as good as my favorite gelato from Totos!). Overall, we were pleasantly surprised and would definitely go back. Since we are in recession mode, we used a $10 cupon they are running and the total bill only came to around $60 which I thought was reasonable.

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          The gnocchi is not homemade.. None of their pasta is

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            Really, then the waitress lied to me! That would be disappointing. I feel like gordon Ramsey on Kitchen Nightmares asking if the seafood is fresh!

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              I have been there a few times with friends for drinks and a few apps. The place is very nice but the prices are high and the atmosphere is not worth paying the extra $$.

        2. I went to the new Jarrettown Restaurant on Wednesday evening (January, 2010) and left somewhat disappointed. The restaurant itself was pretty, but the food was average. The Cesear salad had too much garlic in it (IMHO). I ordered a chicken and vegetable dish, and the chicken had a "charred" taste to it - which took away from the normal flavor of chicken. If there was a seasoning of some type of it on the chicken - I missed it. The chicken dish was $17.99, plus an extra $3.00 for the salad. Add an iced tea, and I split a piece of creme brulee pie (that was actually pretty tasty!), and dinner set me back $36 just for my meal (tax and tip included in that total). Our waitress was very pleasant, though. I was generally underwhelmed and would probably not return.

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            Four of us went to the Jarrettown Inn this evening because (1) we had a 25% off coupon and (b) it being Sunday night we could BYO. On the whole we found the food to be overpriced for its quality and although the waitress was lovely, the manager was pretty obnoxious. At the end of our meal when we presented our 25% off coupon we were informed by the waitress that regrettably she could not accept the coupon because it couldn't be combined with other specials, and apparently they feel that BYO is a special! Personally I've never heard of such a ridiculous thing, but we paid and left and definitely won't be back. This place is overpriced and definitely has nothing special to offer so we'll be taking our money elsewhere.

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              We had the same thing happen to us - we weren't allowed to use the coupon on a Sunday night b/c we had brought our own wine. So if someone had ordered water or iced tea, and not ordered their alcohol? Would they have accepted the coupon then? Even though we could walk there, we won't be returning.

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                If it was a Restaurant.com coupon, please contact them so that they can update the requirements for the coupon/cert usage. Or contact the source of the coupon. Since alcohol is not usually included in any coupon offer I've ever seen, I find the restaurant's reasoning bogus and pretty arrogant. If you really feel motivated, you could always write a letter to the editor of the Ambler Gazette so that others will be aware of the coupon trickery.