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Sep 25, 2008 01:41 PM

Serafina Trattoria in Ossining

Located in the Arcadian Shopping Center--Westchester Magazine (yeah, I know, I know) gave it a good review. Anyone been?? Thanks!

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  1. I've had their pizza once or twice and it was fine. A friend frequents it and calls it a good casual Italian option, but I can't confirm that personally.

    1. i like their pizza a lot, especially the stuffed spinach pizza, being going there for a long long time

      1. Have been here 4-5 times, and it's perfectly fine for a pizza, salads, and basic Italian. NOT glamorous, but good for a family outing. Portions are large, so either share or enjoy some extra to take home.

        1. Finally tried this recently, and was disapponted on many levels. Firstly, the menu on their website lacks prices--a bad sign for me. A coupon for half off a second entree encouraged me to try it, however. We shared an appetizer (eggplant rollatine at 10.95), two entrees (veal sorrentino, which consisted of three small medallions of veal at 21.95) and chicken scarpariello(18.95). The food was ok, not great, but certainly edible. We also had a bottle of wine. Prior to presentation of the bill, we gave the waiter the coupon, which should have given us $9 and change off the bill. Shortly thereafter, the owner came over and told us that because business is bad, he is no longer honoring the coupon, which by the way, expired in December 2008. HUH? We did not want to argue with him, and said ok. We paid cash, and our change came back $10 short. We pointed this out to the owner, who then literally dropped a $10 bill on the table and said, "he left it on the counter", no apology. There are too many mediocre mid-priced Italian restaurants in the area that don't rely on deceptive, dishonest bait and switch advertising to lure customers in. I found the owner's attitutude ridiculous. And the food was meh...

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            sorry you had a tough go there, its basically a pizza joint, not a place to go for a good sit down dinner ive been going there for a long long time, pizza only, yes owner is eclectic for sure lol

            1. re: intrepid

              Going to be in Ossining on Saturday.
              I didn't see their hours on their website, so I called up.
              The phone was answered, "Hello?" without the name of the place.
              I wanted to make sure I had the right place so I asked, “Is this Serafina?”
              The man replied, “This is Frank (or something like that - it was heavily accented)”.
              I asked again, “Is this Serafina Trattoria?”
              He asked what my name was.
              I replied, “I’m trying to find out if this is Serafina Trattoria restaurant, and what your hours are.”
              He asked, “Who is this?”
              I replied, “This is someone who was intending on coming there, but never mind.”

              How difficult is it to provide your hours of operation?

              1. re: yngvai

                If you are looking for neighborhood Italian in Ossining, I thought the food at Isabella's on Main Street (across from the post office) was much better than Serafina--and the owner is a nice gentleman...

                1. re: Marge

                  Thanks for the suggestion. I told my friend in Ossining, and she said that Serafina's is known for being a pain to deal with, and not worth the effort. She suggested the Landmark Diner, and, since there are several of us going, I'm sure there'll be something there for everyone.

                  1. re: Marge

                    I'd agree re: Isabella's is MUCH better food than Serafina.

                    1. re: Nancy C

                      How's Isabella's been doing? Haven't been in a while.