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Sep 25, 2008 01:36 PM

Tijuana after Dark

It's well past midnight and the taxi libre we hired cruises slowy past Salceados only to see the valient taqueros deep cleaning the restaurant.

Ay caray, what to do?

We jumped out of the taxi and walked up to Agua Caliente to catch a Route Taxi. Which for a buck each brought us to the Gastronomic zone for a quick sweep to see if any of the restaurants were open.

Only the elite Tijuanense were to be found partying away in their private bar area cabals with the kitchen and restaurants empty.

Luckily, I had called my friend & Tijuana restaurant scene consultant Paco for advice earlier in the evening for reccomendations, gracias a dios.

He mentioned Tacos Franc as the best *early* morning options for tacos - especially tripa and al pastor.

We hoofed it in the direction of the Taqueria to the occasional borrachera karoke music emanating from some businesses on Taboada. Pobrecitas!

Smoke. Scent of Grilled Meats. The noise of repeated hits of the cleaver on the wood cutting board. Flourescent light aura spilling into the street. Drunk yelling mexican-american girls.
Yes, we have arrived.

We acclimated ourselves to the busy scene - trying to take it all in and figure the most strategic way to get in an order.

Street disappeared and moments later - I spotted him in the restaurant motioning me to sit down at the only vacated table; in plain view of the simple menu..

The order runner [who strangely looks like the others - must be family I surmised] quickly cleared the table as we sat down

No aguas - so refrescos it is. Squirt and a Mexican Coke.

We ordered:
> al pastor
> asada
> tripas
> suadero
> chorizo.

Al pastor was superior than textbook - flavors and textures seemed to be heightened. Crisp, juicy, flavorful and supplemented with rich guacamole and handmade tortilla.

Tripa - was extremely satisifing & interesting because it possessed a much more 'meatier' quality than I have experienced while not being chicharron crisp.

Suadero & chorizo - while good and better than anything in SD was not as memorable as the previous 2.

Con Panzas llenas y corazones contentos we trekked back to the hotel but not without a stop at one of our 2 favorite late night stops.

This time it was Dandy Del Sur. My favorite bar in Tijuas, popularized by the Nortec song. For some reason the Dos Equis just taste better chased here with your carne seca, olives, or micro popcorn.

Buenas Noches Tijuana.

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  1. Thanks for the report and pics son, I was beginning to worry that los quesotraficos got caught smuggling queso across the border.

    Its actually a good thing when you passed Salceados it was closed. Its always good to try other spots, you never know what you will discover. ....I will definitely have to check out the pastor. Question did you dress your own or did they come con todo?

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    1. re: Masa Assassin

      Haha! Not caught yet...

      You are right - I am glad we got to try a new place too.

      I think they all come dressed unless you say otherwise. I think we may have missed out on the amazing looking quesadillas. The beautiful lady in blue was starving and chowing down on these huge stuffed thick masa tortillas. Se vean deliciosas!

      Did you see the masa maidens in the one shot? That was for you!

      1. re: kare_raisu

        Thanks ! Yeah nothing like the site of fresh Masa. Also I will have some pics of Salcedos up for you soon so you can be haunted until your next excursion to El Otro Lado .