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Sep 25, 2008 01:24 PM

Home meal deliveries in Edmonton?

I have a friend who's under gone a surgery and I would like to stock thier fridge with pre made meals that can be delivered to their home. I've found a few places in Calgary but none in Edmonton. Help!

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  1. I don't know about delivered, but there are quite a few places that you can order home made food portioned and frozen. Examples would be Dinner revolution & cooks corner. I know these are mainly for make it yourself, but I believe that they can preassemble for you too.

    1. Meals on wheels does it you just will likely have to pay full price instead of the subsidized senior rates.

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        I have never used them, but they have been around for a while. I am outside of their service area. They deliver based on postal codes. I am curious if they are any good actually.

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          dial and dine is nothing more than a delivery service for restaurants. it is great, we use it often, but I don't know that this is what the OP, I get the feeling that they are looking for more of a home cooked style of food. IF not, dial and dine is a good option, however it can get pricey. The prices are normal for each restaurant (which is always more expensive then at home) + delivery charge which varies according to postal code.

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            I had a look at the dial and dine website and my only complaint is that their use of postal codes as delivery zones seems a little arbitrary. I live near Whyte in the T6E zone and for some reason there is much less of a selection for my area than there is for people in Garneau, just a little further down 82nd Ave.

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          If you are ordering from out of town and can't find any other place to deliver I would suggest Meals On Wheels too.

        3. It occurs to me as well that someone (a good friend!) could make up dinners at the Passionate Plate and deliver them. Culina has relly good frozen TV dinners that we always keep in the freezer.

          1. Check out the and Both of these places either allow you to come in and make up your own meals (to pop in the freezer, then the oven later), or for an additional fee, will do the meals for you, and have them ready for pickup. They may also deliver.

            Dinner Factory is in St. Albert, Servings is in Stony Plain, but I suspect that Edmonton has an equivalent service. I tried both, and favour the Dinner Factory, as they have better ingredients (i.e. fresh parmesan rather than the green can, kaffir lime leaves, etc), and better cooking instructions. Menus are available online.

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              I may not have understood the OP and the Dine and Dine really just is a delivery service for restaurants that don't do delivery (and which tend to have better food from my read of their site).

              The Passionate Plate does what Dinner Factory does (as far as I know). It is beside the southside Italian Center Sop on 51st just west of Calgary Trail South...I refuse to use that stupid new name (for Calgary Trail South, that is).


              Heard good things about the Dinner Factory too, but never been there. I was at the PP and was very impressed - although it is nothing we need as we have the luxury of time to cook.

              It would help if the OP would give us an example of what they mean by referance to the Calgary operation.