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Sep 25, 2008 01:18 PM

bLamb! bLamb! Where is the best?

Where and what was the best lamb you've had in LA? Any ethnicity, and place!

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  1. I know some people on the board don't approve of the restaurant, but some of the best lamb I've had was at Turner New Zealand @SCP

    Also had some great lamb @Hatfield's

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      Turner has gone down under. Closed in March. Jiraffe in Santa Monica does a very nice lamb.

    2. I love the lamb birria tacos from the El Taco Llamas at Magnolia/Cahuenga and Sherman Way/Lankershiem.

      1. I like the lamb chops at Le Petit Bistro on La Cienega, I have been eating there for years. If you call ahead to Cayenne Cafe on Beverly Blvd, you can ask Noura to make lamb chops, she makes great lamb chops.

        1. If OC counts, I really enjoyed the lamb at Old Vine in Costa Mesa.

          1. If you are in the Valley and high end fits your budget I suggest Max's or Mistral. I have attended several wine tastings at Mistral where they have served their lamb dhops against Cabernets, Rhone and Rhone style wines and I have always been impressed.