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Sep 25, 2008 12:33 PM

Planning my birthday brunch/dinner

Hi 'hounders,

Technically, I'm not too familiar with Brooklyn's food scene but I'm willing to expand my dining options since I have a few friends living out there. I'm trying to plan my birthday lunch or dinner that's going to take place in less than two months and I would like to have your suggestions.

Here's some restrictions to make this a bit easier:
- Under $35 pp (not including drinks)
- Cuisines can be anything, as long as it's good
- Prefer within the nabes of Williamsburg and Park Slope
- Atmosphere can range from casual to slightly upscale

Thanks in advance!

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    1. re: malibu


      Any other thoughts? I'm thinking of inviting a total of 6 friends... I'm really having a hard time thinking where to eat...

      1. re: chocokitty

        Dressler received a Michelin star a couple years ago. It's really good and nice for a special occasion and always my go to for those types of celebrations.

        Other good spots in Williamsburg that are slightly upscale that I personally like are:

        Aurora (Italian- takes rez and good for groups)
        PT (Italian- great wine and desserts)
        Zenkichi (Japanese- might be out of your $35 budget)

    2. disclaimer: I know next to nothing about williamsburg and the two times i've visited in the past 11 months, I just want to retreat to a hazmat decontamination zone to shower off in an acid spa treatment. :-) that said...

      Near park slope is fort greene and I'm a fan of our new No. 7 on Greene (at Fulton). It fits your price range, is upscale American food executed with French technique and has a very affordable wine list. Some of the food can be heavy, but this makes it easier to drink more wine!

      In Park Slope, depending on what day of the week for your celebration, you could *try* to get in at Al Di La... then menu is conducive to sharing and based on what I've sampled, it's fantastic.

      Rosewater might be a good destination for a dinner b-day party...on the more casual side, there's Flatbush Farm, which sources locally but, truth be told, the dishes can be hit or miss--sometimes I'm thrilled and sometimes it's a big yawn.