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Lunch at work = naptime? Help.

Ok, I am actually stumped on this one... what can I possibly eat at work that doesn't make me want to fall out of my chair stone tired about an hour after eating?

Is it me? Am I eating too large at lunch? (sandwich and soup)
Is it normal to feel that midday lull no matter what?
Could it be the stillness?Should I take a brisk 5 minute walk - post eating?

What can I eat/do that will keep me perky and less....blah?

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  1. I find that if I don't get outside either before or after eating I am sleepy no matter what's on the menu. The air in my building is stale.

    1. Cut out carbs at lunch if possible. The naptime feeling is a rebound from the spike in blood sugar from lunch.

      1. try more protein. or your meals could be too big for you to cram in at once.

        drink ice cold water if you are about to pass out.
        take a quick 5-10 min nap.
        go to the washroom and rub cold water in your eyes.
        ask your office to have proper air intake systems.

        1. I used to have a bigger problem with major mid-afternoon dozies, as if i'd taken something (blood sugar problems do run in my family). Didn't matter if i had eaten an undressed green salad or a plate of fries, at about 2pm, i felt as if i might nose dive into the keyboard.

          Then I read an article somewhere and it said that if you feel this way, it's perhaps more about what you are eating for BREAKFAST. The recommendation was to have a breakfast of something like eggs and veggies, yogurt and fruit, or maybe a protein shake...just some form of protein and what not. ...no muffins, toast, bagels, cereal etc. .....I tried it for a while, and I swear it works alot for me. Apparently it sustains you longer through the day and you don't get a crash around lunchtime or thereafter.

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            I agree with this. When I went on a diet recommend by Curves I started eating a decent breafast plus I added two snacks to my day. Mid-morning I like to have an apple and a piece of stick cheese. I try to avoid bread and carbs at lunch which is usually a large salad maybe small piece of roast chicken and piece of fruit. Afternoon snack is 4 crackers with hummus and small handful of grapes. I no longer want to fall asleep at 2pm. I was very pleased that although I was on a diet I ended up eating more food just more of the right stuff and low carb/low fat.

          2. Seriously, a carb-free lunch will do the trick! Have your veggies, and protein, and no starches. You'll stay awake just fine.

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              I Agree. Complex carbs are fine though. Simple carbs at lunch can make you drowsy if you don't do physical work. Your body simply doesn't need it if you sit around all day. I find a Mediterranean-style diet (rich in vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and healthy oils, such as those found in fish, olives, and nuts) works great for lunch. This doesn't mean you should have a Greek salad with a half a pound of feta cheese and loads of dressing. You can't load up on calories for lunch and expect to be energetic afterwards.

            2. A cup of coffee and a hit or two off of an oxygen bottle can work wonders...

              1. I plan to run my errands (even if it is just waking around the office) when i start to feel the drowsies hitting. Instead of the 5 minute brisk walk right after eating, take that walk around 2. Get the blood circulating for a few minutes.

                1. I hope, for your sake, the mods don't take this out, but I would go to your doctor, and get your blood sugar checked. I had the same problem years ago, and found out that I had diabetes. If you're lucky, you may just be "pre-diabetic", and can forestall any serious problems with a few changes to your diet and exercise. Either way, it's good to now if you have the problem or not.

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                    I'm glad that you said this. This excessive sleepiness could be a sign of "pre-diabetes" or diabetes, even though you don't have the classic thirst and urination symptoms. This excessive sleepiness could be an indication that your blood sugar is too high. I totally agree with KevinB -- you should see your doctor and get tested.

                  2. I have the exact same problem, mess -- and I actually do as IMnomad suggests and eat a protein-rich breakfast... often, anyway. There may be low blood sugar problems in my family, since several of us get very cold (and sleepy) if we don't eat a little something every few hours, too.

                    I think the only thing that really works for me is to snack constantly and not eat too much at once. I'll have my breafast of yogurt or a hard boiled egg, a luna bar or nuts in midmorning, a salad with protein or a maki roll at lunch, maybe soy chips in the afternoon or some edamamame or soup, etc...

                    It's a little embarrassing since I'm ALWAYS eating -- but I guess that's better than falling asleep on my desk!

                    Oh -- one more thing: It helps me to reduce my coffee drinking. Since I'm a complete caffeine addict, I've replaced coffee with many, many cups of green tea a day. In part, it might be helping me stay awake by virtue of the fact that I'm constantly getting up to go to the ladies' room. =)

                    1. You're probably loading up on carbs. Try proteins, cheeses, meat, nuts and fruit, dried fruit and move around a bit after eating.

                      1. Thank you everyone for your responses!!! I think the big miss here is I almost never eat breakfast, and that could very well be the key because when I do eat lunch I am pretty hungry usually and I load up because of it.. then my body must be like huh, ok... nap time.

                        Thank you everyone!