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Sep 25, 2008 11:33 AM

Soft opening question [Moved from Austin board]

After taking in a movie at the Bee Cave Galleria last night, tried eating dinner at the Iron Cactus. We walked in the front door and were told we had to leave due to it being open only for family and friends.

Fair enough, but would have preferred that there had been a sign posted that would have averted embarrassment.

My initial reaction is to swear off the restaurant entirely, but perhaps I am being too hasty?

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  1. they should have had a sign or even someone at the door meeting ppl and explaining it to any non-invitees trying to come in. otherwise, they should have just welcomed you in anyway and considered an enthusiastic potential patron to be a "friend". would have been a good PR move. but i don't think you'd be missing much by swearing off it anyways.

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    1. re: NirvRush

      I'd have to echo this and add that my only experience at this chain (the one on 6th Street) was rather underwhelming.

    2. I am not sure why you found this embarrassing, but anyway ..I like the food at the Iron Cactus in North Austin and have even taken out of town business colleagues there for drinks and dinner.I also enjoy their Sunday brunch at the very reasonable price that they charge ...

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      1. re: judiftx1

        And that very reasonable price is?

        1. re: Rene

          Thanks for the heads-up. I think I'll wait till they work the kinks out anyway...

          1. re: Rene

            Last time I was there it was under $15.00 ($13.95 sticks in my mind but don't hold me to that) and you can add a bottomless mimosa for a few bucks more.

          2. re: judiftx1

            Perhaps I should have written 'annoyance.'

            1. re: biggles

              Embarassment, Annoyance, Semantics... You were treated poorly and that was inexcusable.

          3. biggles,
            You should really REALLY pen the Cactus folks a nice thank you letter as you were spared suffering some of the worst "tex mex" this town offers.On par with Chuys for inedibility the only thing that's kept this local institution open is the liberal application of alcohol to their patrons tastebuds.