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Sep 25, 2008 09:41 AM

Ideas for no-sugar birthday cupcakes

My daughter's preschool forbids sugar, so i need ideas for birthday cupcakes i can bring that have no sugar, but will be tasty and more importantly (only in this case) have some pink princess kid loving appeal. I was thinking banana or sweet potato muffins with a berry on top or something. Any other ideas?

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  1. when i'm cleanse and can't have any sugar (or dairy, wheat, red meat, yeast, fermented, alcohol, caffeine......), i would make cookies with whole oats, mashed bananas, raisins, cinnamon, tahini, carob and vanilla.

    it probably wouldn't be very appealing to a child though...

    is the type of sugar specified? can you use stevia? brown rice syrup? agave syrup?

    perhaps use a very sugar-y fruit for the base; berries, cherries and the like. or even soft apples. cinnamon is also naturally sweet, so you could try to add that as well. or even if you made the banana muffins and had it fruit filled, that would be an extra hit of sweet and something novel that the kids can hold onto.

    as well, my father (a professional baker) swears that when you add colour to an icing, the mind plays tricks on thinking it's a particular flavour, even if it the actual difference in flavour was barely discernable.

    1. Just for clarity's sake: How do they define sugar? Would they be okay with agave nectar (low GI)? Maple syrup?

      I recommend agave, but I haven't tested these recipes... just passing info along for your research...

      One recipe that shows how to use it...

      And another, purportedly geared to toddler parties!

      And another:

      My orginal search, btw, was (cupcake recipes agave nectar)

      Hope that helps! And really, agave, for people who like sweets, is a take-to-a-desert-island kind of ingredient. Mild, sweet and absolutely delish... Good luck!