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Sep 25, 2008 09:35 AM

Feasting on Waves

Alton Brown (my less than fav food host) is hosting Feasting on Waves (Food Channel). I caught St. Kitts and Anguilla. It's been 20 years since I was on St Kitts but was in Anguilla last Aug. His coverage is boring and odd and most of all slightly awkward. Anyone view the show?

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  1. Yeah I saw it ... I haven't been in St. Kitts in 30 years myself. It's not terribly well done but I maintain that 99% of the population of the U.S. wouldn't know real Caribbean native foods if they were poured on them. ... with salt. So I think the goal is admirable, acquaint the U.S. audience with something besides Kentucky Fried Chicken and lamb that tastes like chicken. I like Alton's regular shows better having cooked professionally while I was in college years ago and being interested in the science behind the cuisines. America's Test Kitchen's is somewhat similar. I'd much rather learn something than watch quasi reality show cooking along with the rest of the 'no-lifers' who get their thrills vicariously by watching someone 'beat' someone else.
    Who is your favorite cooking show host BTW:?

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      I love watching Throw Down with Bobby Flay. LOVE Guy Fieri's Diners Drive Ins and Dives. I adore Giada D's weekend getaway shows..she shows a lot of cleavage but hey, I would too if so well endowed (smile). I was brought up watching the late great Julia Childs and The Galloping Gourmet...also that guy who was a religious man who at the end said, " I bid you peace"...who was that...

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        I'm with you on Bobby Flay, it annoys me that Scripps Network thinks so little of his abilities that they feel like they have to put 'musac' behind his cooking to somehow 'bolster' the audience interest! and also Triple D .... I never miss it!
        I have three pictures of my Kitchen Gods in my kitchen -snicker-
        Alton, Julia Childs, and Graham ... (I've known Graham since he and Trina lived over on eastern shore Maryland) I have most of his books. About ten years ago we were toying with opening a supper club here in Annapolis and I had talked with Graham about using his heart smart "Swiftly Seasoned" cuisine for the place.. We never opened our pianist took off for Rehobeth where he still is. Haven't talked to Graham or Trina in a couple of years now.

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          I think that I bid you peace was the tag line for the Frugal Gourmet.

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            Correct, although sadly his religiousness is a bit of a question mark. I really did like the Frug, though. He seemed to have a genuine sense of curiousity about other cultures and foods. "Cold oil, hot pan, food won't stick" was as close as the man ever got to a catchphrase.

            After the scandal, the cookware with his name on it was massively marked down--I still have a Frugal Gourmet knife that I bought for a buck or two.

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              I missed the markdowns somehow ... I think I have three of his books and the turkish peppermill. He has a good write-up on Wikipedia, described as a culinary genius (which imperically you really can't say about most of the current crop of chefs I guess)..
              There seems to be quite a dichotomy going on (culinarily speaking) on one hand you have the Mega Marts and major food companies declaring that "scratch cooking" is dead and people don't want to bother so they aren't producing "scratch ingredients".
              General Mills / Betty Crocker announced that they were discontinuing portions of the Old El Paso products that were aimed at the "scratch cook" and on the other hand you have the proliferation of cooking shows both on PBS and Scripps Network. Of course you have the bent of the Scripps Network to turning two thirds of their "Food Network" programming into Quasi Reality "cooking" shows for the "Great Unwashed" to watch.

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                I still remember cold pan hot oil food won't stick.........


            Already started. Most people liked it better than you did. of course all the hosts you like I am not crazy about. Flay is growing on me but Giada, Fieri, not so much.

            1. I wish he'd stick to the contigious 48, doing the Caribbean not reachable, pretty disappointing. I was hoping he'd do the Northeast, Upper Mid West or North West. There are plenty of places right here that would make for interesting viewing.

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                Yes, but not as interesting diving :)

                So far he's done one 'feasting' for each of the past 3 years. Who knows that he has planned for the next year. In meant time, Guy can visit those interesting places in the north. Or the Nealys.

                How are Alton's visits different or special? Apart, of course, from the motorcycle aspect.