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Sep 25, 2008 09:07 AM

Dinner with the parents

My boyfriend and I are taking our parents out to dinner next week. We also are looking for comfort, so that settled the Il Mulino prospect. We've tossed around Bouley and Il Giglio also. We took them out to Lupa last year, which they loved. I think we're looking at about $75pp and because we've got the parents we'd prefer red-sauce Italian or French. Just looking for some new ideas or feedback on the two we have in mind.

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  1. Is that $75pp for food only? I wouldn't think that will cover the out-the-door cost (food, wine, tax & tip) at Bouley.

    1. Apizz is really nice. Room is small but comfortable, you aren't on top of your neighbor and given that it's colder it's very warm and cozy inside with their wood burning oven. It's also more quiet than a huge restaurant. The food is great too.

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      1. I've dined at Les Halles, twice at their downtown location, and both times no one in my party was disappointed with their selections. I've been told the Park Ave. So. location is great too - I would expect!

        1. I brought my parents to Giorgio's of Gramercy when we went to NY together and they loved it. It is a casual place but the food is excellent. If you are looking for comfort, it is the kind of place to go to.

          I also brought them to Campanile and they also loved it.

          We went to Jules for a French bistro with live jazz.

          1. I love Il Giglio -- perfect for all your criteria.

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