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Sep 25, 2008 09:02 AM

TASTE in Old Overland Park, KS

Does anyone know anything about this soon to open spot?

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  1. From what I have read,

    From what I have read, the chef from the former restaurant, Tonic, is opening a new casual, upscale restaurant. I believe I have seen some pictures of the menu posted on the windows. I wish them the best of luck.

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      Actually from what I know of the place.the owners name is Johnathan Dallon he was the head chef of the restuarnt tonic and he left to presue other places on the coast of mexico but now he is back and the place called tonic is closed so he reopened it and called it taste the inside is basicly the same with alot more class added to it instead of the trashy feel of tonic taste has a feel that once you step into it you never want to leave afraid that you might miss the warm feel of the place the center of the resturant has a salt water fishtank and it is filled with exotic fish and i can't help but mension how amazing the food is honestly i really don't like tomato soup but i felt like i had to try it just because i know how good of a chef john is this place is one that is a must if you live in op or if you are just visit for a visit

    2. I was there today. Liked it quite a bit, though it takes a long time for lunch. Including a desert, we were there about 1 hour 20 minutes. Even without the desert, it would have been nearly an hour.

      You can select 3 small items from a selection of 15, for $11. I had a mini bleu cheese burger with caramelized onions, Thai chili scented chicken wings, and tempura sweet potatoes & portabella mushrooms with a sweet chili soy sauce. The wings were my least favorite, but now looking back at the menu, I see they should have come with a ginger dipping sauce.

      They also offer a half dozen full sized sandwiches, as well as salads.

      1. I've been to TASTE on multiple occasions... twice for dinner... three times for drinks... and once for lunch...

        The occasions I have been for dinner have been phenomenal. The chef takes (imho) a fairly standard "style" menu and puts a fun personal / fusion-y flair into each item. Piquant Tempura Shrimp, Short Ribs w/Plum Wine Sauce, Phyllo Rangoon "Pillows"... Very "Tasty" options. The atmosphere is a spin on Metro-Industrial, with a little bit of "sports bar" thrown in... My biggest complaint is the music selection... They seem to constantly be playing "Kenny G" and other Smooth Jazz selections... not fitting for the mood the restaurant & food creates (imo)

        And... if you're looking for a nice variety of the items you can either go the "tapas" route and order several smaller plates, or go with the "Chef's Tasting" which provides 6 or 7 small samplers of the larger plates (And it varies regularly)

        The cocktails and wine list are so-so... Playing more to a modern palate than classic... They do have a nice sized selection of liquors back-bar, but with a heavy emphasis on flavored vodkas.

        Unfortunately Lunch was not as satisfying as Dinner... Myself and 3 other "compadres" ventured in recently... and were presenting with long waits, disappointing "mozzarella salad", and a fairly "dry" steak sandwich. The sweet potato fries were great, as were the waffle fries, however the typically delicious Piquant Tempura Shrimp was off a bit.

        I highly recommend checking out TASTE for dinner... and I will be venturing back to give lunch another shot...

        They've got a great thing started, and I hope to see some nice tune-ups as they move forward into the future!

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          We had a delicious lunch last week and didn't have to wait other than what would be expected for freshly prepared food. DH and I each picked three and shared so we got bites of 6 things--crab cake, tempura shrimp, grouper sandwich, Thai wings, tempura veggies and waffle fries --all tasty and fresh. I hope to return next week for lunch or dinner when I go back to KC.