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Sep 25, 2008 08:45 AM

Pomegranate on College St. Toronto

Planning girls night out and wondering if anybody has input on the quality of food and service .. suggested dishes ??

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  1. I went about a year ago with my Ladies who Dinner group and we all adored it. Can't be too specific on the dishes due to how long ago it was but I know we all enjoyed everything. The feta and walnuts was delicious and I know my main course was a special using dried limes and kidney beans with stewed lamb. All very unexpected flavours. The staff were very helpful and we had a leisurely enjoyable time.

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      I did manage to find a 2007 string on them and haven't read a bad review yet ...
      I guess we will give 'er a go ... I'll do my menu research and pre plan the dishes so I have an idea of what I'm ordering .. one of everything ...
      thanks so much ..

    2. I went there this past month and the service was really good, although there really was just my table at the time :) But the woman was very friendly and was able to explain the dishes when we asked about them.
      We had two appetizer dips:
      kashk-e bademjaan (eggplant) and maast-o khiar (cucumber)... the cucumber dish was okay with a fresh taste to it, but the eggplant dish was better..
      The main dish chosen was morasa polo (lamb shank) and it was really good. I really love the way the prepared the jewelred rice.

      1. Oh gosh, that's a lovely restaurant! Both the food and service are incredible. The staff are so friendly and the food is just so tasty.

        I had the fesenjaan (veg). It was amazing!
        And yes, definitely get the eggplant dip - mirza qasemi and definitely some dolmas!

        Mmm. Jealous. Enjoy!

        1. A friend and I were lured in by the smell about a month ago. One of my fave neighbourhood restaurants ever since.

          1. I believe you'll enjoy this restaurant. I discovered it a while ago here on CH and have been a satisfied customer since. For appetizers, I usually order zeitoon parvardeh (olives), mirza qasemi (eggplant) and maast-o khiar (cucumber). For mains, my favorite is morasa polo (jewelled rice) and I also like adas polo (lentil, dates and raisins). If you preer chicken, aloo gheysi (apricot and plums) is very nice. Service is friendly and reservations are recommended. Enjoy!