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Sep 25, 2008 08:41 AM

Lake House Seymour CT

Has anyone been to this resturant on the water off of Rt. 34? Any reviews? My choice in the Valley is either Roseland or Crave, but I have a gift certificate to use. Should I just spend it on liquor?? :)

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  1. I've passed it on the way to Roseland numerous times and wondered myself. It is in a nice spot, but judging by the looks I may just get booze. It is google proof as well - maybe it is a CIA front.

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      There are a couple of Yelp reviews on this place. If you type "Lake House" Seymour into Google, you'll get more results than if you type in "Lake House" Derby.

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        Oh, thanks! I changed my title to Seymour!!

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          I was there once last year a few months after they opened. It was okay. The place itself is very pretty and has potential but it was very dirty. Fingerprints on the windows, flies flying around. I don't even remember what I ordered, I think just a salad but I remember thinking it was overpriced.

          Went there this past spring just for drinks and I wasn't impressed with that either. Too bad, as I said, its a nice location and there is a fire place inside and a nice deck outside. Major potential.

    2. My experience the one time I ate at the Lake House? The food was very good and the portions were more than adequate.. The drinks were outstanding. The service was efficient and the prices were very reasonable. Nothing fancy or cutting edge but what they served was fresh and well prepared. I do not like a dirty or musty place when I'm paying good money to dine out. The Lake house was neither dirty or musty when I was there. I wouldn't hesitate to try it again.

      1. I live nearby and have been there a couple of times in the past year. Some of these reviews are older and may be from when they first opened? That place used to be a crummy pizza joint and is SO much nicer now. Sat out on the deck for lunch yesterday. The wait staff is very nice, more than one person checked on us to make sure we had full drinks or if we needed anything else with our meal. It's not 5 star, over the top food, but it's very good...I had baked stuffed shrimp and while a little heavy on the stuffing, the shrimp was large and cooked perfectly, not tough at all. It was very clean as well. For an outdoorsy place in the summer on the river, you're going to see some flies & other bugs! Definitely a relaxing place to unwind with a couple of drinks, too!