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Sep 25, 2008 08:07 AM

What's for lunch at Sherbourne and Wellesley?

I'll be there for lunch today and don't know the area. Anything worth trying?

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  1. House on Parliament is just north of Carlton.

    Tokyo Grill is at Yonge and Wellesley, northwest corner. Good 'ramen', curry, chicken don, etc.

    If you're feeling the Middle East, the best place in the area is "Best Shawarma Place - Turkish Cuisine". Tops both Red & Whites, Wrap and Grab, and all the others. They'll have the pide pizzas back on the menu in like a month or so when the weather cools sufficiently. It's at 668 Yonge (westsiide) in the middle of Wellesley and Bloor.

    1. A bit late now but a jerk pork sandwich with oxtail gravy on a coco bun from Mr Jerk on Wellesley, east of Sherbourne south side across from the community rec centre. Yummy. And a festival for dessert. Double yummy. There's also Millie's Place next to the gas station on Sherbourne south of Wellesley on the west side for some kebobs. Downright gritty place with shady characters but tasty Iranian comfort food ;-)

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        I forgot there's also Rashnaa on Wellesley, east of Parliament. South side. Great sri-lankan food. Open for lunch.

      2. appears that there is nothing for lunch most of my colleauges were eating chips. chester, thanks for the tips, all those places are too far. i'm not brave enough for gas station food and didn't notice the mister jerk. i was very surprised that there wasn't even a tim hortons or anything generic. anybody else live or work in that area and know places to go?

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          I live in the area, and you're right - there's not a whole lot right at that intersection.

          As fickle pointed out, the Mr Jerk on Wellesley serves up some mighty fine jerk chicken with rice. You can also grab a beef or vegetable patty there.

          Far more mundane, but there's a Domino's on Sherbourne, just S of Wellesley, and there's a Pizza Pizza (ack) at Wellesley and Parliament.

          The nearest Tim's is a tiny one at Carlton & Jarvis (attached to the Primrose Hotel) or a gas station one on Parliament.

          Maybe you'd have some good luck at Chew Chew's at Carlton & Sherbourne?

        2. That's really not the corner you want to be hungry on. The absolute closest place, as others have stated, is Mr Jerk. Be prepared for the fact that it isn't just a name. It's a 'tude.