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Sep 25, 2008 07:24 AM

Does anyone else use salted butter when cooking?

Yes, I know that they are some recipes that just require unsalted butter, but I buy mostly salted and don't find that I need unsalted nearly as much, so I have pretty much standardized on salted. For me, it is just more convenient to use. In spite of this, I almost always have to season my food, the notable exception being fresh vegetables sauteed in butter. If you watch cooking shows, you would think I was committing some kind of sin. Does anyone else use salted butter as a first choice?

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  1. All the time. I am so ashamed.

    1. I used to, and would reduce the salt from the recipe if needed.

      However I switched to unsalted butter for cooking and the table. God knows us overweight Americans get too much salt in our diets. ;-D

      1. If I'm using butter, its salted. If it ain't salted butter it soon will be! It's just my opinion but I think people are WAY more afraid of salt than they need to be. Granted, too much sodium in the one's diet may lead to problems, but won't beer help keep that flushed out? Anyway, I suppose thats a good reason to keep tabs on the ol' BP.

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          All butter that is used on corn, bread, etc. is salted in my house, and I find it a nuisance to keep both on hand, so I just gave it. I guess I must just be adjusting when I am cooking and adding less salt.

        2. Unsalted butter goes bad far too quickly, even if you store it in the fridge (forget about keeping it on the counter!). I have a box of it in my freezer for recipes where it really really matters, and I find, at least to my taste, those recipes are very few. I'll adjust the amount of salt down a little bit if I think it matters, but really, most of the time, I don't think it matters all that much. Alton would be so disappointed in me. ;)

          1. Butter was traditionally salted to disguise lack of freshness and it does act as a preservative. I have both on hand at all times. Butter freezes well so if you are just keeping unsalted butter on hand for cooking keep it in your freezer.

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            1. re: Candy

              `Actually, there was a time in America (in my lifetime, no less) when butter went to the stores unsalted from local dairies, then after so many days (don't remember how many) the distributor (aka "dairy") collected what was unsold and added salt to it and back on the shelf it went.

              I don't have ANY trouble storing unsalted butter in the refrigerator. Should any of it be so lucky (or unlucky, as the case may be) to last long enough to gain that outer layer of semi-transparent fat (oxygenated), I just cut that off. You can always add more salt to a dish or sprinkle a buttered English muffin with a light dusting of sea salt, but it's not easy taking salt out!