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Sep 25, 2008 07:08 AM

Notable Restaurant Closings Around New England?

With several notable restaurants in the Boston area closing over the past few weeks (Eastern Pier, Grand Chau Chow, Tullio's, Aneka Rasa, and, next week, the original King Fung Garden), I was wondering about any recent or pending closings of well-loved and/or popular restaurants across the rest of New England. Ma Glockner's in Bellingham, MA and Paul's Famous Hamburgers in Milford, CT, are two that have come up over the past few weeks on this board. Any others?

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  1. Johnny B's Diner in Cranston. A sad, sad story; everytime I drive by "where Johnny B's used to be" (as we say in Rhode Island), I feel a pang of loss and anger at how the whole thing went down.

    The town was in such a rush to kick those guys out of there (ostensibly to make a parking lot!) and NOTHING has happened in almost two years. One of the worst "only in Rhode Island" stories I've ever heard.

    1. Not sure if some of these are really "notable restaurants" but Terra and Little Marks Barbeque in Avon, CT. Spice in Pittsfield, MA. Verdura in Great Barrington, MA. Spignola (sp?) in Lenox, MA. Windows on the Water in Kennebunkport, ME.

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        Crave in Wakefield, RI. Raphaels in Providence. Trattoria Del Corso In East Greenwich, RI.

      2. Cock and Kettle in Uxbridge, not that I have ever been there, I tend to avoid the gray hair scene that flocks to "Baked Stuffed Scrod" specials ; -)

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            Barnsider's Mile & A Quarter in Providence closed last June. It was one of those 'reliable' restaurants where you knew the menu inside and out, and there were no surprises.

            Some good news...

            Rumor has it that the manager Fred will be taking over 'Bravo', and most of the guys (eyecandy waitstaff) will be joining him there. Not sure if he's in the process of buying Bravo, or managing the restaurant (which fell into receivership in August).

          2. Rom's in Sturbridge,is closed and had a for sale sign on it last week. Not great, but they had good onion rings and a vegetable grinder with beets on it (some say yuck, I thought it was a nice change.) Seemed to do a big 'to go' business

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              A few here in the Burlington, VT area:

              Sirloin Saloon, Smokejack's, Tuscan Kitchen, and Tortilla Flats.

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                And earlier this year, the late and VERY lamented Christophe's On The Green in Vergennes VT, fabulous French restaurant.