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Sep 25, 2008 06:58 AM

Had a Great Dinner at Blowfish Sushi To Die For

Since I rely so heavily on you guys for dining advice, I thought I'd contribute my thoughts post-dinner at blowfish sushi..

This is a great place for a hip dining experience. From the anime playing on the video screens to the cool, hip vibe, Blowfish Sushi makes you feel very cool to be there. There were a mix of business folks having a group dinner to cool, macintosh-using programmer types. The food is completely amazing - the most eclectic treatment of sushi I've ever seen. Don't miss the beignet dessert and definitely try the sake martinis. The only negative is that it did get louder as the evening progressed and toward the end of the night we were kind of yelling. But that's because the bar became a very happening plance. Oh, and don't walk out without buying a tee-shirt.

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    1. Which location? I've had nothing but bad experiences at the one in Santana Row.
      If you're in the South Bay and wanting a great sushi experience, try Michi's. Just as good of a selection and a much nicer experience - not the hip bar scene that Blowfish is so a much calmer dinner and you don't end up yelling at your companions. They have recently opened up a second location on Winchester. I haven't been to that one yet but I've heard reports that it is just as good as the original.

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        I went once to the Potrero location...have not been back since. Food wasn't very good. The scene, that's subjective, wasn't for me.

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          I went to Blowfish in Santana Row for the first time for lunch yesterday. I prefer more authentic Japanese places, and only ate there because the friend I was meeting at SR was dying for sushi and this is the only Japanese place there. I realize that Blowfish is American style with an emphasis on the wacky rolls emphasizing spicy tuna and tempura batter, the hip decor, club atmosphere, etc. That being said, I had the "Chira," of which it took me a couple of minutes to discern from the menu that this was actually chirashii <smile>, but it was quite decent and better than some chirashii I've had at more "traditional" Japanese places run by non-Japanese who don't seem to know much about authentic Japanese cooking and preparation. Yes, there are a number of places in the South Bay that will get you much more stellar sushi (I'm not familiar with Michi, however), but for what it is I have to say that Blowfish came through for this picky person who feared it might be a horrible experience.

        2. Fun, loud atmosphere? Yes. Good drinks? Yes. Good sushi? No.

          Blowfish is to sushi as Pasta Pomodoro is to pasta, cause nothing says good sushi like precut fish....

          As long as you're not there for real sushi / japanese food, it can be a fun place to eat.

          1. I love to sit at the sushi bar near the window into the kitchen and watch them style the food, but their sauces drive me crazy (and not in a good way).

            1. Buy a tshirt? Are you serious?