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Sep 25, 2008 06:49 AM

What cut of pork can I braise in red cabbage with red wine?

I normally braise pheasants or even quail in my delicious red cabbage/red wine/juniper berry loveliness. But I'm adapting the recipe to be more in-law friendly, and think pork is my best bet. So, what cut of pork should I be using? I'm guessing I'll be searing the cut in the pan, removing, getting the cabbage started and then nestling the meat back into it all, and letting it braise nice and slow in the oven. Corrections and suggestions VERY welcome.

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  1. something fatty.
    either shoulder or butt.

    1. Pork Belly. Mmmmmmm. although that may not be more in-law friendly. but, yeah, definitely something fatty.