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Sep 25, 2008 06:40 AM

Lunch Recommendations in New Hope?

My husband and I will be celebrating our first anniversary in this lovely little town, and I would love a special meal to be part of the day. We are taking the Fall Foliage train in, so we'll have to do lunch and not dinner. Therefore, any special lunch recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. My wife and I enjoy the Logan, and Havana is good as well. However there are many good places in New Hope that we have not tried.

    1. Since you're taking the train into town, I presume you'll be dropped off in the borough of New Hope and have limited mobility. I would not recommend Havana for such a special occasion.
      Instead, I would suggest a few places: the Logan Inn, Marcia Brown's, Marcella Nord in New Hope. Across the river (really just a short walk across the bridge), you can find several nice places, as well. Search the mid-Atlantic board using Lambertville as your search term and you will find other's favorites. Since you're doing lunch only, some of the nicer places (Hamilton's Grill Room, the Inn at Philips Mill, etc.) are not an option, since they're only open for dinner. Happy Anniversary and enjoy your meal.

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        Martine's is very nice for lunch. It overlooks the river and has outdoor seating on a nice deck (if it's not too chilly). Very good food, nice wine list, historic (1790's?) building, quintessential New Hope in my book. They have a website you can check out.

      2. If you are arriving by train, Triumph Brewery is right there. I have always enjoyed it but for the "real" New Hope, you might consider Mother's, The Landing, or Karla's. I would second Martine's as a good choice. You might also consider the Mansion. It has been over a year but we did have a nice lunch there. Although I have not been a fan of the Logan Inn in recent years, it, too, would qualify as "real" New Hope. Havana is a longer walk, but I have always enjoyed it for lunch. I won't say you can't go wrong, but New Hope is a good place for lunch.

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          I also recommend Martine's. Had a wonderful shrimp salad on the deck for my birthday, couldn't have asked for a nicer lunch!

        2. Unless Martine's has improved dramatically within the last year, I do not recommend it. Here are my comments from last fall.