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Sep 25, 2008 06:00 AM

Fryeburg Fair - Good Eats?

We will be going to the Fryeburg Fair next week - never have been before, so not really sure what to expect.

Does it have just regular type fair food - or can someone recommend great food at the fair?

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  1. Hi, I went to the Skowheagan Fair in August and I think some of the vendors travel around from fair to fair during the season. There a stand called something like British Fish and Chips run by two young men. One of us had the fish and chips and they were very well done. Nice fish, nice cripsy, non-greasy batter. But hang around and watch for those that order the lobster roll (if they still have it). If it looks good, it is! It was right around $8, and chocked full of tender lobster. Best buy of our whole vacation!

    1. I have been to the Fryeburg Fair many many times, and it is always standard "Fare" food. Lots of fried things, sticky things and even more fried gooey things. I usually don't go expecting anything more than that. However, I do note one thing, always ask when they changed the oil last if you get anything fried. It makes a huge difference as some places change it daily, others once a week (yuck).

      1. The best fair food, in my opinion, is at the falafel/gyro stand with the prayer flags hanging inside. The cook bakes his flatbreads on an old woodstove that he brings to the fair with's so much better than all the fried, greasy stuff otherwise available.
        And be sure to catch the beanhole beans and other items made in the kitchen (over by the farm museum and blacksmith shop).

        1. I just got home from the fair and really enjoyed the Beale Street Barbeque. I live in Downeast Maine, and have read about Beale Street, but am not in the Bath or South Portland area often, so have not been to their restaurants.

          1. Original poster here. We were at fair last Thursday. As we were evaluating food options, the sky opened and rain started. We were right in front of a hot turkey sandwich/meal/etc stand, which had covered seating. We grabbed a good turkey platter and enjoyed a great lunch under cover.