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Sep 25, 2008 05:58 AM

Burlington Vermont - American Flatbread

I'd like an opinion on American Flatbread in Burlington, Vermont. Is it as good as the location in Waitsfield (or Warren, I'm not sure)? I've not eaten at either, but in doing some reading, learned that American Flatbread in Burlington is a "licensed" branch, not really part of the original. Just looking for opinions - thanks!

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  1. I've never eaten there myself, but there are folks who suggest it as a nice lunch spot when folks ask. You can search on the name here in this board to find the specifics of what folks have said. :)

    1. the burlington location is the best IMO.. primarily because they have a brewpub (zero gravity brewing) integrated into the restaurant.. and the brewer paul sayler is a real talented guy. ive found that most AF restaurants are more or less the same foodwise.

      1. I was up there last week and I was reminded that lunch was not served in their Waitsfield operation.
        Just dinner I was told is served in Waitsfield except during foliage season.
        You might want to call ahead to confirm what I was told

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          I ate there about 3-4 weeks ago.
          We sat near the oven which was a reall nice place to be. Special mixed greens salad with wasabi/soy/sesame vinaigrette was absolutely delicious. The lettuce was beautiful, very fresh and vinaigrette was nicely balanced. The pizza(flatbread) was completely lacking in any discernible flavor. The dough/crust was flavorless. The cheese was flavorless. The sauce was flavorless. I could not even identify the myriad herb combination that was sprinkled into it.
          We had good service.
          I would go back for that salad and maybe give the pizza another chance.

        2. I love the whole schbang is Waitsfield, because the location is so beautiful and sitting around the fire drinking a glass of wine while you wait for your table is pretty great. The Burlington location is just a different beast, still great food, great service and great ethics, only in Burlington you get great beer too... and burlington does lunch, and it's open 7 days a week whereas Waitsfiel is friday and Saturday dinner only. At either location expect a wait.

          1. American Flatbread is one of our favorite places! We've been to the Waitsfield location once. We usually drive into Burlington to the Church St location (we live in Waterbury) for Sunday brunch. It does get pretty busy, but Sunday brunch is a bit quieter.

            My husband loves their Bloody Marys (made with Vermont vodka). Check out their specials board - we've tried a number of the pizzas from their menu and enjoyed them all, but we find that their specials are better. They usually have 2 - one with meat, and one without.

            The Burlington location also brews their Zero Gravity beer onsite.