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Sep 25, 2008 04:53 AM

Candy Apple Season - What's Your Favorite?

My favorite is a red jelly apple with coconut, but after too much dental work I need to give those up. On the Tri-state board we were talking about apple picking. This lead into candy apples. I'm reposting here in hopes of getting more ideas. "The kids and I just made great candy apples 2 nights ago. I used to buy my candy apples at the the Chocolate Factory in the mall, they now want $7.75 for 1 apple, and charge .50 for a box!! I said to the kids we can make these on our own. To keep it simple we took Kraft carmels 2 tbsp of water, melt in the microwave, dipped them, let them cool, then melted milk chocolate chips with a tsp or oil, drizzled this over the apples, and then tossed them around in crushed peanuts. I was so surprised they came out as good as they did. No more mall apples ever again! What's your favorite recipe? P.S. We used Granny Smiths. Also - do you refrigerate them? Do you need to?

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  1. Maybe this visual will get the ball rolling (credit goes to Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory)

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      That's the company who now charges 7.50 for the apple. I couldn't think of their name before. They o have yummy stuff, but 7.50 is a bit over the top.

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        Love candy apples with nuts but also love the (embarassed to be admitting this) fakish red candy coating. My mom refrigerates her candy apples to help the caramel set up faster but I'm not certain that you have to given that the temperature of the caramel is correct. I'm no expert of making candy apples, just eating them!

    2. I like the sweeter apples like honeycrisp, jonagold or sweet16 and I still make the caramel ones by melting those kraft things then dip the end into peanuts. Really any of the fresh apples from your farmers market or picked yourself make all of the difference.

      1. Honey dipped apples are gentler on the teeth and just as delicious. If you enjoy dredging the gooey coating in pretzels, sprinkles, nuts, chocolate bits, etc. the honey coating will work just as easily as caramel.

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            If you mix the honey with sifted confectionary sugar to form a caramel like consistency, no. But if you dip in honey and dredge in something like nuts, the nuts prevent dripping.

            But if a mess concerns you, apple slices dipped in honey for young children is a terrific treat.