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Debate Watch & Dinner -- what to eat?

I am having some family and friends over on Friday night for a debate watch / dinner. Both major political parties will be represented among my family / friends and I need some help with what to serve in order to represent both Obama and McCain. I will order the Arugula Salad from Bollinis and that should cover the Obama food portion of the menu. My question is, "What does McCain like to eat and who might make it best for take out?" Also, if the debate scheduled for Friday night is cancelled for some reason, we will still get together. What would be an appropreate meal if the debate never happens? Nevertheless, other debates will happen and we will gather for those as well. So please still reply to the McCain food question anyway.

BTW, that Arugula Salad includes Arugula greens, fresh corn, smoked bacon, sautéed mushrooms,teardrop tomatoes, goat cheese and red wine vinaigrette and it is outstanding.

My Thanks.

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  1. I would think Mexican food would be a pretty good bet. McCain's AZ roots make it likely that he eats it on a frequent basis. In the same general area as Bollini's is Teresitas Family Restaurant. They do specials depending on the day of the week and Friday features pork spine and cactus (Espinazo con Nopales - Pork spine and cactus served in a red chile sauce) for around $11. Take a look at their menu / website here:


    1. i think you should also serve something hawaiian to represent Obama's childhood in Hawaii.

        1. Roasted chicken to go with those waffles.

          1. Here's a link to a website that has their favorite foods: http://obama-mccain.info/compare-obam...

            Both of them like pizza, but hey, who doesn't? Obama doesn't care for sweets.

            Note that arugula isn't on there. It's more of a stereotype of Obama supporters. Growing up in Hawaii, Obama ate his share of Hawaiian plate lunch.

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              Thanks for the cool page. Pizza sounds good as it is bipartisan and I can pick it up along with the salad.. If the debate is a no-go this Friday, then maybe some chicken.

            2. how about baked stuffed shells? in case you feel the need to throw something, they're easy to handle and throw like grenades, and explode on impact

              1. Caviar because he's really rich. Blondies as a wink toward the Mrs. The veep debate should be easy for Palin at least. Moose or salmon would be obvious, but pork would be appropriate. And cheesecake. And vodka (since she can see Russia from her house and all.)

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                  ha!!! this is awesome. keep going! what about obama and biden?

                2. McCain's favorite foods are shrimp and pizza topped with pepperoni and onions.
                  Obama really enjoys pizza and mexican.

                  1. too bad it's not made any more...but to drink, "Surge"