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Sep 24, 2008 11:01 PM

Bitter Lemon and Gin

Can you find Bitter Lemon in the States? Schweppes makes it, in the UK and Asia at least, but I have never seen when I have been in the States. There is nothing like a Gin and Bitter Lemon on a hot day, and the homemade version just doesn't taste as good.

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  1. I'm not sure about Schweppes but Stirrings offers a Bitter Lemon. I haven't tried it though so I can't offer much on its flavor.

    1. Canada Dry makes Bitter Lemon, but it's not always the easiest thing to find. I buy one-liter bottles at my local Safeway.

      1. I may be missing something, but isn't bitter lemon just tonic water + lemon? Or maybe that's what you were referring to with "the homemade version just doesn't taste as good."

        1. Bevmo carries Fever-tree Bitter Lemon; comes in a 4-pack. I also like their tonic water ~ very dry.

          1. Canada Dry is usually available in some supermarkets if you keep an eye out for it. Sometimes you can find Schweppes, Fever-Tree is very good, but pricey. I don't care for Stirrings. In the UK you can get Schweppes bitter orange which is great.