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Bitter Lemon and Gin

Can you find Bitter Lemon in the States? Schweppes makes it, in the UK and Asia at least, but I have never seen when I have been in the States. There is nothing like a Gin and Bitter Lemon on a hot day, and the homemade version just doesn't taste as good.

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  1. I'm not sure about Schweppes but Stirrings offers a Bitter Lemon. I haven't tried it though so I can't offer much on its flavor.

    1. Canada Dry makes Bitter Lemon, but it's not always the easiest thing to find. I buy one-liter bottles at my local Safeway.

      1. I may be missing something, but isn't bitter lemon just tonic water + lemon? Or maybe that's what you were referring to with "the homemade version just doesn't taste as good."

        1. Bevmo carries Fever-tree Bitter Lemon; comes in a 4-pack. I also like their tonic water ~ very dry.

          1. Canada Dry is usually available in some supermarkets if you keep an eye out for it. Sometimes you can find Schweppes, Fever-Tree is very good, but pricey. I don't care for Stirrings. In the UK you can get Schweppes bitter orange which is great.

            1. I don't think Schweppes markets it here anymore. Canada Dry does but it isn't as good. I used to love Schweppes Bitter Orange. No body makes that anymore.

              1. As a onetime lover of Schweppes Bitter Lemon and gin, I can attest that it is no longer marketed in the States (I actually contacted corporate about it).

                I'm glad to hear there are some smaller-label versions of it; I'll have to keep my eye out for those.

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                  MC Slim JB, Thank you very much for posting this info. It enabled me to swing by the local large-chain liquor store where they’ve always carried SBL and snag the very last 6-pack off the shelf. Manager confirmed they wouldn’t be getting any more. Sad. Fever Tree is very good, maybe even a little better as it’s less sweet and more zingy. But I had a sentimental fondness for good old Schweppes, so thanks again for helping me enjoy it once more before it was too late.

                2. I love Schweppes Bitter Orange, but have been unable to find it anywhere in the mid-south or midwest. There's nothing like a tall gin and bitter orange in the summer, but I'vew almost forgotten what they taste like.

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                    OMG, I've never even heard of Bitter Orange! It sounds yummy!

                    I guess I will either have to bring Bitter Lemon home on the plane, or else make due with the home made.


                  2. One of my father's favorite drinks was gin and bitter lemon - it was probably the first drink I ever really tasted. He made it with Scweppes, but I like the Stirrings blend. It doesn't have the real strong taste of tonic and I think it's a better drink.